Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with your hostess,
Paulette Rees-Denis
with guest global dance star, Artemis Mourat, Episode #108

Dance for the  Dance!

Wow, I finally got to have Artemis on my show! So happy for this time to talk with this glorious woman and to share this conversation with you… Meet Artemis Mourat!

We talk about being older dancers, being matriarchs of the dance, passing on the legacy. And how much we love being crones! Oh yeah…

She has been a force in the dance world, as a vintage oriental dancer, sometimes called American Cabaret, and dancing Egyptian, and especially Turkish, and has danced around the world, luckily dancing with lots of live bands. She is also into Sacred Dance.

We talk about the hardships of this time of the pandemic, but also the growth that comes from these crazy times.

Watch here, and let us know what you think… What is your takeaway?

Such a fun time to catch up with her, and talk about these important times, of change, of aging, of stepping back for some times to regroup, of quitting or not, of continuing to show up and learning from all the life experiences, including the new technology, that go into continuing to live life! And dancing for joy! Instead of always being on, but dancing for oneself is so important…

More about Artie!
Using music and dance to build bridges across cultures.
Artemis has been dancing, teaching and researching dance history in the United States and abroad for almost 50 years. She is of Greek and Turkish descent and fuses her love of Middle Eastern cultures with strong academic knowledge and excellent dance technique. She brings her spirited and articulate technique to workshops which include information on the history and cultures that generate the dances she teaches. She believes that we can all use art to build bridges across cultures. Extensive travel to 33 countries and intensive research into the idioms of the East have yielded many manuscripts and articles. Artemis has an M.A. in psychology, an M.S.W. in social work and has done postgraduate work in dance movement therapy. She has lectured, taught and/or performed for Cornell University and Princeton University, National Public Radio (NPR), Voice of America and in Spain, England, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Canada, Japan, Greece, Turkey, Australia and in 43 US states. Artemis is listed in the International Dance Council (CID) Who’s Who of Dance. Her photograph can be found in the International Encyclopedia of Dance under the listing for “danse du ventre” (translates to “belly dance”) which is produced by the Oxford University Press. She has won the “Ethnic Dancer of the Year Award” presented by the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED) and has won the “Most Popular Ethnic Dancer Award” from Zaghareet Magazine twice. Artemis has also won their “Lifetime Achievement Award.” Her classes are fused with humor as she competently teaches solid techniques.
Here is a link to her Monday night classes
Happy holidays to you my friend, may you be safe and warm and healthy!
with so much love,



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