Hey there,

Well, the holidays are coming and going, so fast, right? This year, being so different than before. And now this year is almost over too, and everyone is delighted with that…

But what good has come out of this year for you? I have seen so many new changes, with myself, and the way I have worked, created, and enjoyed my time, and with all of my clients, dancers, friends. Profound changes in many cases. Creativity abounding! Celebrations…

And that has been so exciting. I am so proud of the work I have done this year, my coaching and teaching and writing, and the work and dreams my clients have brought into vision, into manifestation, into being. Closing studios, opening studios, studying, more inner spiritual work, getting clarity, writing courses, learning how to start a business ( lots of that!), and EPIC self-care. It’s been fun and rewarding.

Isn’t it great when you feel rewarded from your work, from what you share with the world, for how you take care of yourself? Feeling good about how you are showing up? 

Or are you feeling stuck, stagnant, still in overwhelm about what is happening to you, around you? You are not alone, my friend, that is for sure. We all can fall easily back into those places, even if we don’t always feel that way.

We have a choice, though, to allow ourselves to stay stuck, or make a move to get unstuck. You have to decide on the way you want to feel and then take an action to move forward. Move your body to change your energy, Give it a shake to shake those feelings off. Get outside and breathe some fresh air. Dance around your house. Write in your journal. Talk to your coach. Call a friend.

What helps you change your energy? I know I love to get outside, go for a bike ride or a run when I need an energy shift. Movement, Momentum, and Magic. That’s why my coaching practice is called that… Movement creates a shift- body, mind, and spirit movement, which then turns into momentum and clarity of desires and taking action, and action creates magic, shifting the energy and feeling the power of you, of your desires and creations. Powerful stuff! 

As we move into the new year, are you wanting to make those changes? Now is a great time for that. The Capricorn energy of organization and structure is upon us, and you can use this time now to get restructured, in your body, your work, your creativity. Let us move into our abundance! Can I get an AMEN?!

Now is a great time to read my latest book if you want some extra juice on those subjects. From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance ( Find Fulfilment and Prosperity with your Art). Click here

From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art

And it might also be the time for you to choose to work with a coach, me, now! Let’s spend the next 3 months together working on you, your vision, your self-care, and your creative abundance. What do you want to bring into your life? I will help you change habits, let go of old stories that are holding you back, get crystal clear on what you are truly desiring, and importantly be your accountability partner to make things happen. A MAP toward your dreams and prosperity ( Magic Action Plan)! Oh yes, mixing the woo with the practical, we make things happen… I am taking on five new clients for January, and if you are ready to step into your creative zone of genius, look yourself in the eye and yell, Hell Yeah, then let’s set that up. Please schedule a free call with me now, your From Chaos to Creativity call, and see what is next for you!  Click here…

Full Moon tonight, a time for letting go and for CELEBRATION!!!!

Let’s celebrate all we have done this year… take note of all the goodness that you have created for yourself, and celebrate! Pop the cork, throw confetti, you are a GODDESS! Or GOD!

I am so grateful for having spent this year with you, on this blog, through my courses or coaching, lots of zoom calls and virtual gatherings, FB lives, interviews on Heart and Hustle, all the things. I thank you for showing up, for supporting me, inspiring me, and walking your talk with me.

I wish you an amazing new year full of light, love, peace, understanding, passion, and to your creativity being unleashed! I love you.

And TODAY, Tuesday, 10 am PST, is my last Heart and Hustle Live for the year.

It’s Celebration and Planning time, with me, Paulette Rees-Denis, on our last Heart and Hustle Live of the year 2020! Tomorrow, Tuesday, 10 am PST, join me right here on FB, and Let’s Talk… Join in our inspired conversation, bring your journal and calendar, and let’s have some fun! Click here to join me!


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