It is the new year, a new week, and how many of you have a new outlook? 

Are you breathing and ready to move forward? Perhaps even change course?

This time of the year always gives me pause, and cause, for reflection, and making changes, which I find very exciting!

And I love to come up with a word for the year! Although there are a million words and phrases I value and live by, the word that comes on strong for me for this year is EASE. To live with ease. To work with ease. To flow with the current, to open up to receive and to give with ease. Then I use the word and develop some sentences, or mantras, as above. 

  • Everything flows to me with ease. 
  • Money flows to me with ease. 
  • Clients flow to me with ease.
  • I work daily with ease. 
  • My body moves with ease. 

And I write these down and start to say them out loud every day, journal with them every day, write them on sticky notes, and put them around my desk. 

Why don’t you do that too?

Share what your word is, with me, and with your mates, your kids, your coach, your sisters. Write it down, several times, and post in several places so you see it, every day.

Notice how it starts to feel, the more you see it, the more you say it. Does it light you up? Do you believe it? More and more, your brain will believe it, and your body, and YOU! And you can make it be, make it happen, feel the feels of that word. Ohhhh, so delicious!

Here is to a most fabulous new year, full of your heart’s desires, creative changes, and HUGS!!!!

I love you,

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