Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, And Shakers
with Paulette Rees-Denis,
and guest tribal bellydancer and yogi, Cinzia Di Cioccio,  Episode #110

Cinzia is in the house! This woman is a multi-talented dancer and yogi, has worked with me for about 15 years, as a student, a coaching client, a Global Caravan Troupe dancer, one of my GC Certified  Master Teachers, and an incredible yogi and teacher. She is based in Milan, Italy, spending much time in England too, with her English husband, but has traveled the globe teaching and performing, many times with me and our troupe, and also solo.

This year she has shifted her life and her business, partially because of Covid, but also because she has been ready to up-level her business, her creativity, and her life. We’ve spent much time together, online of course, lately, with me as her biz and lifestyle coach, in one-on-one coaching, but also in a group coaching program that I have run for the past year.

The steps she has taken to create change in her work, in her work habits, her visions for her creative time and projects have been so amazing to see, and to ride along and help guide her on her path. She’s got some new projects coming to life, and to listen to how she has changed into a growth opportunity, creating more freedom, more EPIC self care, more prosperity, and stepping outside of the box to create a new way of running her dream and her business.

Let me know what your takeaways are from this conversation. What are your possibilities now, in this new year, in this new world? What are you desiring?

Have a watch and a listen and share what you think…

Watch here:


More about Cinzia:

Besides being a dancer I am also a dance and yoga instructor; my mission is to teach people to feel good, physically, mentally and spiritually. I think it is very important to offer tools like nutrition advices, breathing and relaxation techniques, exercise routines, affirmations and positive thinking to keep the whole human being with a good vital energy.

When we dance everyone always has a dual role: leader and follower. Being a leader means taking responsibility, leading the group in respect of the elements who compose it, trying to create unity, synchronicity, and well-being among each other. Being a follower means having confidence in the leader, not to challenge their decisions,  to let go of ego, and follow with commitment and serenity. When I dance with my Sisters I forget who I am, I am entranced; my being is in full, cheerful, and complete harmony with those whom I am dancing with, in that time and space.

Working with Paulette gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a teacher and I feel grateful to be part of this project and contribute to it.

Currently I teach online, GC Tribal Bellydance and Yoga, with a new signature course being released the end of January, Adhi Shakti Flow. Please join me mailing list: www.cinziadicioccio.com

I became a vegetarian as a teenager and a vegan since 2011. Cooking is a family passion that was passed on to me by my grandmothers Assunta and Luisa and by my mother Anita. Very often I cook with my sister Elena and my husband Asif. Knowing how to cook was very useful when I became vegan because it allowed me to eat healthy and with taste while respecting my ethical choices. I love to invite friends for lunch or dinner and surprise them with tasty vegan recipes! Changing habits, feeling good, without giving up taste and being compassionate people towards other living beings is possible!

My friends, enjoy your life, step into your dreams, and let me know how I can help! I love that you are here…

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