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I talked about the idea of co-creation…

Think about it, everything you do, needs someone else, in some way, to make your paper so you can write, to grow the food so you can cook, to make the canvas so you can paint, to record the music that makes you dance, and on and on…how lovely is that, a big never-ending circle of support, of inspiration.

So everything is a collaboration of some sort, whether it is intentional, or pre-planned, or down the assembly line of products, or even by chance. 

There is power in that circle, in tribe, in community, in connection of like-minded focus, of intentional collaboration, of creating with someone else, or sharing one’s ideas and creations with someone whom you trust and will listen.

Co-creating, sharing, working with someone, collaborating. Working with another can be so powerful, and clarifying. That energy of you bringing life and reality to your creations and ideas, with guidance, and of co-creating is magic. And working with someone who can help steer you and share with you tools and methods to get you moving. That is illuminating!

That someone who is not your husband or wife, or mom, or friend. But someone who gets it, who gets you, and what you are wanting to change, to try, to step into. Someone who has been there. 

Me, your coach! 

And your circle of co-creatives. And in a group setting… whoa…

That’s what’s coming up, in just 2 weeks, my friend. Starts on January 27th, for 3 months, online. My yearly program, which is a group coaching program, called 

Illumination: Tools for Clarity, Change and Prosperity

Take Action with Courage, and Soulful Desires

One of the first things I help my creative clients with is to get into extra epic self-care. Tuning in, loves, to you, the most important aspect of your life and your time. To gain connection and clarity, and courage and confidence! With inner peace, and learning how to listen in to your truest desires, because that is what you are after!

Then, what’s next? In the program… well, there are nine weeks of materials, nine modules full of personal tools for your dreams and visions. With some time in between for implementation, for putting your desires into action, for making things happen! Yes, that is what I am about as your coach, to kick your booty into gear and actually step it up! So you can walk your talk, see the changes, release those old stories holding you back, rewriting those stories, and creating your life how you want it to be. 

Because it is YOUR time, now, to live with freedom, creative juices flowing, more abundance, on all levels, personal connection, and connection with your creative tribe with us. To be Illuminated, to live LIT UP! To shine your light…

no more dimming your switch, right?

So join us now…

Illumination: Tools for Clarity, Change and Prosperity

Take Action with Courage, and 

Soulful Desires

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What do we do together? 

This is a 3 month program, where we meet weekly in a private group setting, online of course, and where you get to connect with me and each other. How cool is that?

We have weekly coaching sessions with time for your independent practice, for you to really get into your desires and make those changes. I support and direct you, give you tools and possibilities, and can sometimes give you a swift kick in the booty! With love… 

Plus, if you haven’t gotten it already, I will send you a free pdf copy of my latest book : From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with your Art! 

From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art


  • Yes, to moving that body… a bonus of an hour-long Yoga Flow video class with me!
  • Plus, extra bonus, You get a one-on-one coaching 50-minute session with me during our group sessions!
  • **AND if you are one of the first three to register, you get an extra bonus of a quick review of your website by me to help you show up and build your dreams online!


Register now, click here…

Illumination: Tools for Clarity, Change and Prosperity

Take Action with Courage, and Soulful Desires

LET’S REWRITE YOUR STORY AND Take Steps Into Your Creative Zone of Genius, your dreams, and your abundance…

I am so excited to work with you, if you are ready to do this, to commit to yourself, because you are ready to work within our powerful circle of co-creation and collaboration!

If you know someone who would love this, who could benefit for being part of my tribe, and this course, please share! I love to grow the tribes!


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