Hello friend…
The other day I wrote this little life short, a poem, thinking of continuing stories I am hearing of more fear, isolation, uncertainty in so many people. Yet, with rays of hope for what can come.
The balance point of no return
When you are tipped
Folding over with the cry of uncertainty
When it feels like, no more no more not one more thing
Come back my little boo
Come back to my arms
The folding of upliftment
The place of recovery
You are not abandoned
You are not alone
There is a way, a road, a journey to tread
A place of each and forgiveness
The place for you to regain your footing
Your equilibrium of your life
And moving forward, back into
The sanity and creativity of your every day
But envisioning even more, now,
To allowing that tipping point
To seesaw to the side of longing and desire
Heavyweighed with love and possibilities
Instead of fear and loathing that has previously permeated
Now seeing clearer, aided by the guiding hand
Uplifted and rocked in the arms of opportunities
Awaiting you with glitter and gleam and shine
Treasure chests open with a wink
Brimming with divine gems of change
Let the sparkle arise.
How are you, boo?
Are you feeling unbalanced, exhausted with the mask-wearing and social isolations? I know I want to HUG everyone I see, and I still forget to grab my mask when I go out for my morning run. I don’t want to make that a normal thing, but I do.
Take some time today to make it Sacred.
Because you are sacred,
you are not alone, you are special,
and there are great things ahead. 
Shine your light!
Let me know how you are feeling, and stay strong!
**What’s coming up?

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