Is it time for Your Makeover? And I’m really not talking about getting new makeup!

I’m talking about restoring your dreams and courage, feeling whole and alive again, in your body, your mind, and your heart. A restoration!

In working on my new group coaching program, I realize that what happens with my clients is that they go through a makeover. I wrote about this in my newest book too. Because that is exactly what you do, makeover from the inside out. Starting at your heart and your core, moving and shifting energy and desires. Reconnection with yourself. Becoming more present to what you are truly wanting. And isn’t that just luscious?

And then you do the work of taking heartfelt action, because action creates results! And that is what I’m about as your coach, to help you see with clarity what you want, from deep inside, then how to create it, how to make it really happen, with ease and excitement. Bringing your desires to life, finally. With action and love and support!

The restoration

The full makeover of you, from the inside out,

Starts at your core, your womb, that center of your heartbeat, your longing,

The divine and deep fertility of your visions

Bringing them back to life

Awakening the bits and magical pieces that feel as if they’ve died off

Do you even know if they are still there, my sweet?

The world of “re” awaits you




As you revamp all the crazy lovely and wild visions

Of dreams, those dreams you thought would not take shape

That you thought were too fluffy or rebellious or manic

Those are the downloads you want to touch,

To feel, to embrace

To fucking manifest, finally

Restore your possibilities

Renew your faith

Rejuvenate your body and your blood

Revamp that sexy outpouring o you

It’s time dear one

To bring your light into full brightness

The dinner was broken down low but the shine is telling to light up your soul bright

Once you were uprooted but now you can plant anew

With fertilized beliefs as you unveil, piece by piece even more

Of all those precious, vulnerable, personal, blooming desires

Restoring the faith and stepping into courage for your

Soul speaking dreams


To be Illuminated! Register here!

My next round of my group coaching starts next week! January 27th… for 3 months! Yes. Are you ready to participate in your own possibilities? There is power in these group gatherings, lots of co-creativity and collaboration! Join in with our small circle of creatives and start from the inside out to make your dreams happen, to make the changes you have been wanting, and to work with someone who has your back–that’s me! With encouragement and inspiration from the other women too!




We’ll work with the principals in my book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, plus have virtual weekly gatherings with myself, and each other. I guide you on that path of self-connection, clarity of purpose, money mindset, and your Magic Action Plan, your MAP… to help you move forward with what your heart and soul and asking for, and with confidence and courage!

Join us here!

Do you have any questions? Wondering if this is right for you? Or ready to jump in with a Hell Yeah! I’d love to talk with you if you are curious… you can schedule a free consult with me on the phone, click here…

Talk about shining your light!

It is a collaboration and we are in it together, with your dreams and desires, creating visions, creating changes. Starts January 27th! Limited space for you beautiful creative women!


  • Inner chaos?
  • Confusion?
  • Unsureness?
  • Overwhelm of not knowing which way to turn?
  • How to create that dream?
  • Make the changes you see in your head?

Join me and let’s change that now!

My group coaching gatherings always inspire and support you to take action with confidence, creating visions and courage to your true soulful desires. Group coaching is a collaborative process, you aren’t in it alone!


I would love to help you move toward that vision with courage and beauty and inspired action!


***Pssst: This Friday, I am offering a FREE Masterclass…

Moving From Chaos to Creativity!

Because it is time for you to shine your light and take action toward the fulfillment of your creative heart…Friday, January 22, 1:00 pm PST …More info tomorrow!


**And don’t forget Wednesday at Noon for Heart and Hustle Live…


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