Freedom Friday Musings and a few easy ways to release anxiety…

Freedom Friday!

I was thinking earlier today about making every Friday, Freedom Friday! Time to reflect, time to write, look back at the week, and what is to come. And make sure that I was honoring my values, the highest one being of having the freedom to live and work my life the way that I desire, the way that feels really good to me, and gives me the freedom to do what I truly want, serving my purpose with the highest good, making a difference in the world, and having fun while doing that… Truth… 

This last week has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, up, down, up, down, round and round…distractions, not getting things done the way I wanted, feeling low, with low energy, even sad. I did not want to kick myself, judge myself, but instead, to acknowledge what I was feeling inside and out. We all need time for a reset, right? 

And with the full moon telling me to stop work and go out and lighten up! Have some fun… so I took the morning off work, ( there’s that freedom thing!) and went for a short 4-mile hike in the gorgeous canyons that are my backyard, with good friends, in the sun… a walking meditation… soul revival, feeding my body and soul, because I was not feeling in alignment with myself. Nothing in particular, really, just, you know, off… have you ever felt that way? How often?

That icky feeling doesn’t come for me that often anymore, not as it did years ago. Because I do live every day with my values and I set my intentions, and live with as much truth and beauty and embodiment as I can. Dancing my talk. But really, we all have these days, when you are just freakin’ tired, and you are sick of working or need to breathe. Get off the couch. Step away from the office. Go outside and breathe! Ask for guidance. Dance. Meditate. Laugh. Cry. Eat a piece of cake. 

These times are still so different, even though it has been a year since the pandemic. It’s still hard to get used to it. 

How about you? Does your soul and body feel in alignment with each other? Do you feel your sense of freedom? Why or why not? What do you do to have that total feeling of alignment?

As I was contemplating this for myself this week, I wanted to share with you just a few quick techniques that I use to come back to my calm, to release the anxiety of overwhelm, confusion, sadness. I love to share tools and tips with my clients all the time. This is normal, my friend. When you get into a funk…And yes, there are lots of things you can do, as mentioned above. 

But one of the quickest is simply to focus on your breath! Come back to yourself, step away, and in just a few moments, change your energy, raise your energy, warm the body…And that is by doing some simple breathing exercises…focus on yourself.

Take time for yourself, my friend. Recovery time, self-care time, focus on uplifting yourself! 

In my Facebook live this week, I decided to share just a few breathing exercises. I teach these to my weekly Yoga Flow classes, and dance classes, too. So good, for cleansing, for energizing , and immune-boosting too- which we all need right now, to stay healthy and strong…

Pranayama…Simple breathing techniques for immune building and energy lifting:

  1. Ujjayi Breathing- when you breathe in and then out of your nostrils while constricting the throat, keeping the mouth closed
  2. A slow inhale and exhale with 7 bursts of air out of the nostrils, while emptying out all of the air
  3. Even just a coherent breathing pattern of slowing down each inhale for 5 counts through the nose, and exhale 5 counts through the mouth (known to cause greater performances in athletes!) and get you into your flow state!

Ahhhh, so good…

I love coming to you every week on my FB Lives, which I call Heart and Hustle Live, to connect, offer support, share insights, laughter, and even poetry.

You can view the replay here, and practice along with me…I’d love to know how you do… and how it helps to shift your energy…

Oh, and by the way, I’m switching times again, back to Tuesdays, at 10:30 am PST, right here on my FB page… hope you can join me next week, mark your calendars for some fun!

So dear one, be patient with yourself when you feel low, or slow, or tired, or just lackadaisical… switch gears, take a break, go outside, and breathe!

Know that I’m here for you, and YOU, have an outstanding weekend! Take that deep breath and enjoy…


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