Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, And Shakers
with Paulette Rees-Denis,

Today with guest women’s biz coach and uplifter, and horse friend,

Kami Guildner, Episode #112

I really love this interview with Kami Guildner, she’s like my soul sister! We are doing such similar work in the world, and so great to share this conversation with you… Collaboration, feminine ways of doing business, growing and holding space for our tribes, during these pandemic times. She left the corporate world years ago and we talk about her journey from that life to her life now, which she writes about in her book: Firedancer, and has an oracle card deck called Pony Ponderings.

Kami has a great story about connecting with her horse and that helped her to find her new path. Kami is a woods-walker. A sky-gazer. A horse-lover. Raised on the wide-open plains of Colorado against the majestic Rocky Mountains, wilderness fueled her soul from an early age. With a young enchanted mind, she gained an early understanding that the natural world brings clarity, provides space to dream, and opens our eyes to views of worlds unseen before us.

She also has a podcast, Extraordinary Women Radio, and has a passion for helping women #RaiseUP their voices and shine their light, because she believes that right now women’s voices are more important than ever. She loves to weave spirit and business and help women #RaiseUP their businesses for impact. For her, it’s all about the ripple effect…Hello sister! Just what I love to do with this interview series… so exciting to hear other’s stories…

So have a watch and listen, and let me know what you think!

Good Aha moment: Let go and listen!


More about Kami:

Kami Guildner believes women’s voices matter. She is a connector. A storyteller. A business coach for changemaker women of influence.

Kami’s entrepreneurial journey was sparked by the breath of a horse over a decade ago. This magical epiphany moment led Kami to discover her purpose of leading high vibe entrepreneurs to give voice to their most important messages and create a ripple effect of worldly impact.

Kami weaves soulful-inspiration into mindful business strategies, helping her clients up-level their business. With decades of leadership, marketing, strategic planning and business growth expertise, Kami guides her clients to master their marketing, money and mindset. Kami’s soulful spirit leads her clients to unleash their magical manifestation powers and live out loud fueled with vitality and courage.

She is the Best Selling author of Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose and Pony Pondering Inspiration Cards.

Kami was recently named to the 2020 Twenty-Five Most Powerful Women in Business List by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.


Did you love this conversation? So many good ideas to ponder, and how we are being called to show up in the world!

Enjoy my friend, thank you for being here… be well!





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