Heart and Hustle Live
with Paulette Rees-Denis,

Hello pet!

My weekly Live podcast – Heart and Hustle Live

tomorrow, Tuesday, 10:30 am PST, here on FB

I always have some sort of theme for these weekly chats, which I’ve been doing for over 3  years! I so love connecting with you on these chats, even though I can’t see you.

TOPIC: When do you know  when to take a break?

Let’s talk about it… the question of “should I stay or should I go:?
Listening into your own heart…
I would love to have you on the FB Live with me… bring your questions and comments…

Tomorrow will be my Iast FB Live for awhile. I’ve got lots of new creations in the works for you, including some new mini workshops!, with such great topics as creativity coaching, soul searching, writing from your body, feminine celebration, and more.  I’m working on a new website and rewriting my content pages, and what I do, as a coach, for you, and a writer, for me, and for you. Exciting stuff. I love the idea of rewriting what you desire, and how you want to change it up! But knowing when to say no is imperative, and stopping something that has become a habit!

See you tomorrow…

Oh, and later this week, on my video podcast, Heart and Hustle: Visoinary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, will be with my amazing guest from New Zealand, the Artemist, Joyce van der Lelly! She is a creative strategist for multi-passonate women, and we have an enlightening conversation… Watch for it here…

Thank you for being here… see you tomorrow, here





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