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If you have been around me at all, you know how I love to share others’ stories and work, my client’s successes, to network and help you find your tribes, to coach you to be the best you, and inspire you with great bits…

Well …today, I am incredibly proud and also just dang excited to share a long-time student, friend, client, and one of my Global Caravan Master Teachers new course…omgoddess, this is so amazing. Combining dance and yoga and divine feminine empowerment with so much, meditations, breathing techniques, as well as body strengthening, and so much Cinzia has to offer you to make you feel like the goddess you are!

Cinzia Di Cioccio, who some of you may know, from Milan Italy, has been dancing ( GCTB) and teaching yoga for 16+ years. She has developed a signature course, called Adi Shakti Flow, that starts next Monday…

And I share this with you, not only because I want to help support her, and also introduce you to this couse because it is incredibly innovative, informative, and a magical style that will make you feel like the divine goddess you are! I love to dance and move, and I always want you to experiment with movement to get your energy rising and feel the love in your body.

This class is about the divine feminine goddess within you, and is a monthly or subscription-based course to learn about the mythological goddesses and the movements to bring that energy into your body…

AND not only the course, but she has a FREE Masterclass on Sunday… to give you bits and pieces what this new concept is about!

On Sunday February 28th at 12pm Italian Time Cinzia will give a free presentation lesson.

Different time zones around the globe, so sign up to get the replay if you cannot make it in person!

If you want to participate, register here:

Cinzia says:

I have long wanted to combine Yoga and Dance in one practice and Adi Sakti Flow is the answer to this quest. Adi Sakti Flow is a fluid workout inspired by yoga and dance. Adi Sakti Flow is an effective and restorative practice that gently builds strength, flexibility, endurance, but also releases mental and emotional tension through breathing and meditation. Adi Sakti Flow is inspired by some stories from ancient Indian myths about the different expressions of MahaShakti, the female creative energy. It is a sequence of movements to celebrate the female body that will allow you to deepen your connection with your inner female creative energy.

Check out two presentations of her short presentations here…



Adi Shakti Flow Program starts Monday, March 1st 2021 for 5 months, ( or month to month) , with each month a new sequence. It‘s a Do It Yourself program available online, so you can do the practice at your own pace, with the freedom to put it in your calendar for your self-care time. There will be lots of activities for you: videos to learn and drill the sequences, meditations, breathing exercises, pdfs, sequence charts plus weekly connections, Q&A , homework and a private FB group where we can connect.”

See her website at: https://cinziadicioccio.com/

Make sure to sign up for her free masterclass and see how this lovely and profound movement course can feel so good in your body, mind, and spirit!

Register here:

I can’t wait for you to experience the beauty, grace, skill, generosity of Cinzia and what she has created for you… Let me know how it goes!

And enjoy your weekend… thanks for being here,





And please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up… thank you for spreading the love!


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