Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, And Shakers
with Paulette Rees-Denis,

Today with guest, Global Caravan dancer and teacher, Wendy Hughes, Episode #114

Happy Monday!

Welcome to another episode of Heart and Hustle! Today I am happy to have a conversation with the only certified Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance Certified Teacher in Wales! Wendy has been studying with me for 10+ years and has successfully grown her own tribe and her dance business, Her new career, is what she calls a hobby, and as an older woman and dancer, she retired as a nurse! and continues on her dancing path, and continues to invest in herself and her passion!

She really started dancing just for herself, and now realizes the dance that she loves has made such a deep impact on the other dancers she has taught and inspired.

Such a pleasure to watch how Wendy has stepped into the role as not just a passionate dancer, but a Principal Teacher in my company, following years of determined study, with several levels of certification through me!  She has traveled around the globe to dance with me as well as her dancing partners and  other teachers and students! And she is enjoying every bit of it!

Let me know what you think and how this inspired you to go after your dreams too!


More about Wendy!

I am the director of my tribal bellydance troupe Topaz Tribal. I would never have considered myself a dancer nor a teacher, yet here I am, in this current climate of lockdown during a pandemic of Covid 19, teaching four classes a week online, from my own home, via zoom.

I discovered bellydance around 2001 and quickly became addicted. The music, the costumes, the dance, the movement, the freedom I felt when I danced. I went on to discover Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance in 2009 and once I had met Paulette and taken one workshop with her, I knew that I had to have more.

So I did! My first certification for the Collective Soul and Teacher Training was in 2011 in Milan, Italy. I had never travelled abroad on my own before. I went again for a second helping and qualifications for CS levels 2 & 3, plus TT2. I did my TT3 online with Paulette. Then the biggie – in 2017, I travelled to the USA to Florida where I got my CS4, 5 & 6. Plus I gained the Tribal Grooves teaching certification in levels 1 & 2. Another trip across the blue a year later in 2018, I gained Teaching Levels 4 & 5 plus Principal Teacher Status. My life couldn’t get any better. I have been to Morocco to teach, I visit Egypt every year with my husband on holiday and stun them there with the earthy moves and grounded technique.

I am retired now at 66. I spent 30+ years as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, a pretty hectic and all-encompassing career. High spots – people get well and go home, lowest ebb – I was seriously injured which started my decline to my retirement.

Apart from my family of husband, four children, 11 grandchildren and my elderly mum at 91, I also have four cats, my furry friends.

I love sewing, make as much of my costumes for myself and for the troupe as I can, plus regular daywear.

I love to bake and can easily lose myself for an afternoon fluffed up in flour. I’m looking forward to the day we are released and I can have the family around.

Life is good for me. I am truly grateful for everything I have, everything I can have. I have worked hard to have a very blessed life and I will help anyone/anywhere I can. I am so so lucky to be in good health and surrounded by true and wonderful friends.


Enjoy my friend, thank you for being here… be well!





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