Heart and Hustle with guest love artist, Sarah Love McCoy Episode #74

Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, And Shakers
with Paulette Rees-Denis,

with artist and healer, Deborah Epstein, Episode #115

Magical Dreaming… that is what we love to talk about! Right?

So welcome to this week’s episode of Heart and Hustle, with my guest, Deborah Epstein, who is a mult-passionate creator, which is why I was so drawn to her and her work…

We talk about how pain can create change, and how she tapped into her physical and emotional pain and turned that into different forms of bodywork, energy work, and putting all that into her art and her current work as a shamanic healer. Pretty wow!

Dream space, and how we create our own reality, Deb and I talk about truth in our experiences and telling stories. I think you will really enjoy our conversation and how it may shift your way of looking at your world and what you can create for yourself too. Art becomes energy becomes matter! Our work is ever-evolving and listen to how Deb creative story has grown… and is creating a healing mythology… so much inspired action!

Give us a look and listen and let us know your inspirations from this conversation! I loved this so much…

More about Deborah:
Deborah Epstein, LMT is the founder and CEO of Oasis Healing Arts, LLC, and Deborah Epstein Studio.
She is a visionary artist, shamanic practitioner, and Myofascial Release Therapist.
She received her art education from Rhode Island School of Design and studied art and healing facilitation at Salve Regina. 
She is a Reiki Master, Studied Theta Healing, Craniosacral therapy, is an initiate in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism taught by don Oscar Miro Quesada. A licensed massage therapist, Deborah has owned her own private practice offering Myofascial Release, a healing modality founded by John F. Barnes, PT. Deborah was an instructor for Myofascial Release Seminars, and staff therapist at Therapy on The Rocks, in Sedona Az, one of John Barnes’ two clinics in the country. After working at TOR for three years, she followed her dream: to blend Artistic expression, shamanic ceremony, and Myofascial Release, and founded Oasis Healing Arts, LLC. 
Deborah currently lives in Sedona and offers private 1:1 healing experiences in Sedona, AZ, on-line 1:1, private and group mentoring, and in-person 1:1 healing programs using creative expression, shamanic journeywork and Embodywork (a blending of Myofascial Release and body-centered healing modalities). 
 ***And Deborah has a gift for you for listening in!
Grab the Gift Link: Becoming the light in the shadow


Stay strong and healthy and dream your magic!





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