Heart and Hustle with guest love artist, Sarah Love McCoy Episode #74

Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,

with your host, Paulette Rees-Denis,
and with today’s guest dancer and author,

Rebecca Tichbon, from Australia
Episode #116

Today I am happy to bring you Beck, Rebecca Tichbon, from down under, western Australia! A dancer, an author, and a leader in women’s empowerment, she has such a big heart of passion and love, and brings her magic into connecting women! She is now walking her truth path, after leaving a “job” of teaching science at a college, and doing all the things that she loves, as she has created her life with her desires.

We hit upon the work “busy” and how that is used, or never to be used! She has a book that came out last year:

Using Essential Oils for Emotional Management: A Memoir Experience :Kindle Edition, click here


We talk about the loss of her youngest child, and going into anxiety, and knew she had to do major self-care work on herself. Taking time off from that job, she got into aromatherapy and became intrigued and now uses the oils with her clients to help them support themselves. She has a scientific side and a magical side and has many tools that she uses with all her work!

We also talk about imposter syndrome, leadership, and just being human as well as being able to show someone their possibilities!

Enjoy our conversation, and let us know what you get inspired to do or change or take action on!

or click here

More about Rebecca!

Rebecca Dyson Tichbon’s first career was as a Medical Scientist and then she fell into a health and science teaching career in higher education. Beck (as she prefers to be called) now runs a successful wellness business in Bunbury, Western Australia. She is certified in Education and Facilitation, Life Coaching, Aromatherapy and Belly Dance, and is an Amazon best-selling author. Beck has been through many trials and tragedies and she shares her story in her book. Beck is passionate about women’s wellbeing and finds fulfilment in supporting others on their own wellness journeys through her all of her work, drawing on her eclectic (but ultimately effective!) collection of knowledge and skills.


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