Hello love,
I love to ask you questions! If you’ve ever worked with me before, you know me, I’m always asking you to dive in deeper to find out how you are, how you feel, how you love yourself, your body and of course, how is the dance working out for you!

Some of you are journalers and already have a daily practice! Yay to you! Feels truly great, right? Clearer in your head, moving forward with intention in your daily life and work. It is therapy for me, to keep me connected to myself, my dreams, my actions, my sanity!

But some of you want to journal but don’t feel like you have the time or desire or even focus to sit down and write every day, some of you feel like writing is sooooo hard or you don’t have anything to say, and some of you are afraid to write down those feelings, afraid to dive in. Lots of different excuses or reasons or fear to creating a beautiful habit of self-renewal and reflection!

Part of the reason I love to work with you amazing creatives in this way is because of what I have witnessed, either in those intensives, but also in my Dance and Desire classes and workshops and retreats! YOU have blown my mind, when you actually have sat down to answer some of my journaling prompts. YOU, who think you can’t write, have written and shared some of the MOST profound words, statements, stories with me/us, and I have seen how it created a new vision in yourself, toward self-compassion, poetry, beauty, awareness, release, and so much more! And sharing those words is a part of the human experience!

We all want to be seen and heard!
Yes, that is being human, not a human doing, but a human being!

How many of you remember any of those times, in class, on a retreat, at home? The words to describe your dance, your body, and how you feel when you move, and write, and create beauty, and dress up, and be connected? Or make that costume? Or paint that picture, or  lose weight, or feel great? Start your own business? Teach a class? Take time for yourself?

When your release from your head, from your body, to the page, it ignites something new in you? Right? And sharing it after became a new way of connecting, of listening, of owning yourself!

Super powerful!

And that is why I’m bringing back From the Body to the Page, not just a course, but a weekly place to come together and write… a place to write, to share, to get asked questions, to practice, to dive deep, to imagine! This will start in a few weeks…

First, I want to offer this mini workshop to you, next week, to help you start rebuilding, or start over, your journaling practice, a way to clear your head, release old shit, fly your freak flag, stand up, shout out, create a new daily self-care regime, find new words to create change, write a to-do list, whatever your desire for yourself is…

From the Body to the Page
Tuesday May 4th from 10-11:30 (PST)
on Zoom

First 10 people get the early bird discount of only $17.00, regular price is only $27!

Then from there I will open up a monthly group page with weekly writing sessions! How freaking excited am I to be able to offer this to you, creatives, dancers, artists. Because I love to read your words, to see you light up, illuminate your desires, and just feel so good to be alive…and i know how good it is to have a routing, a weekly place to come together, to practice, ask, share, even just a weekly hour of time for yourself!

So, I do hope you join me for the mini-workshop, Tuesday May 4th from 10-11:30! There is an early bird discount for the first 10 folks, but it is all super affordable, and I want to share these tools and bits of inspiration with you to guide you into a deeper connection and a new practice for yourself! Think of how this type of clarity, poetry, connection will enhance your art, your dance, your body, and your life!

Register here now and get your private links…

Hope to see you there,




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And please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!



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