Sunday morning…. and Happy May Day (yesterday!)

a time to celebrate my friend… Spring is here ( or Fall down under) and it is always a good time for self-reflection and growth….

Do you have a morning ritual, something that lights you up,  that you hold sacred, that brings you clarity and groundedness for your day, sets your creative juices on fire? Every day? Weekdays? Weekends?

My weekdays are my alone mornings, full of Paulette time, with meditating, journaling, and working out… what I call my Morning Clarity Ritual–Meditate, Percolate, and Dance Break. I find that if I don’t create that time for myself my day can go wonky…Some days are different, maybe I don’t do all three, but it is my preference for sure. Weekends are usually different kinds of rituals, like Sunday mornings are usually a small gathering of my friends for a hike or a bike ride, like Sunday morning church! And that is a meditation of sorts, connecting with nature, getting my eyes full of the beauty of my gorgeous surroundings and connection with my friends… and that turns into bloody mary’s and brunch… such a great ritual to have! And all so very sacred and special. Self-care at it’s finest…

The writing, though, is what is the thing that connects me to me, the most. Sometimes my words are poetic, sometimes to-do lists, sometimes rambling on and on, wish lists, envisioning, power statements, stories, word games… whatever is striking me at that time, intuitively. What wants to come out of my body, my heart, and my soul! There is so much power and clarity in that type of connection with myself, and words are powerful. They make us, and they can break us too…

That is why I am delighted to share my mini-workshop with you this

Tuesday, May 4th,

From the Body to the Page…

10am-11:30am PST

and yes, this will be recorded so if this time does not work for you, register and get the playback!  Your are welcome!

to help you create a new journaling habit, or to rebuild and reconnect you to one you may have had in the past… I’ll talk about how to MAP things out, making a Magic Action Plan, to get you into your groove! I’ll be sharing some journaling prompts to help you release the words from the body, with a bit of meditation and poetry to get your centered! Plus it is just freakin inspiring fun to have you get into your words and rhythm, whether you desire or are already a writer, or afraid of writing! This is for you!

Do join me and let’s write together!

We’ll gather online, on zoom! When you register you will get your private link to our gathering circle!

From the Body to the Page –Create a daily writing/journaling habit for renewal, clarity, and inspiration–a mini workshop!


I wrote this a long time ago…but for you today…


It’s Still Sunday

It’s still Sunday

A bit of heaven in a crowded house

The air blows hot

The wind blows cold

Ripping through the walls

Wearing down the trim

But the bones stay firm


And it’s still Sunday

Taking my time

Juicing my hips

Reinventing my wheels

Pictures telling stories

Words telling lies

Soul bearing truths

And it’s still Sunday


Fingers betraying and deceiving

The groans with desire

Days come and go

Say hello to something new

Over and over, new again

Look at my bones in a new light

The spirit soars, the lens clicks

I’m still here and it’s still Sunday


Into the sea of eagerness

Desktops opening in question

Looking for the think, the answer, the question

It’s show and tell all over again

It’s the great unraveling


OK friend, see you soon! let me know if you have any questions about this workshop, and take some time for yourself!





And please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and watching and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!

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