A Three-Part Morning Clarity Ritual

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Are you, my friend, ready to feel tuned in and turned on with a simple way to start your day? Do you wake up feeling happy to wake up and be alive?

After years of working with myself, and teaching clients, I have this fantastic morning ritual for energy and clarity each day. This is a great time for committing to new Epic Self-Care habits that will make you feel connected, increase self-compassion, self-love and reward you inside and out.

Make each and every day a joy and success! This is my tried and true Three Part Morning Clarity Ritual!

These are three components for you to add to every morning:
Meditate | Percolate | Dance Break


Meditate, oh yeah, it’s time to sit down and quiet your mind. First thing in the morning is my preferred time, but anytime during your day is good. I usually get up at 5 am, and start with 5 minutes of just sitting and breathing. You can choose to listen to a guided meditation on your earbuds, or just sit quietly. You could do this while still in bed but personally, I prefer to go to my own sacred spot, which you can make so simple or deck it out with flowers and candles and cushions. Whatever feels inspiring for you.

As you start, slow down the breath. Deep inhales and exhales. Breathe in through your nostrils and fill the belly up, expanding with fresh air. This air is your life force, your energy, your chi. Exhale and hollow out the belly. Really expel all the air through your mouth. (I’ll put some breathing cleansing and immune boosting exercises down below for you too.) Sitting still and breathing, notice your mind chatter, acknowledge it, and then return to your breath. Focusing on the tip of your nose helps. Another great tip is to focus on your forehead, with your eyes closed, and see clouds wafting by, across the brows, and let them take away that chatter and bring you into a clearer, quieter place. This can be for 5 minutes, or 10, or 15, or even 30 once you build your habit. Notice how you feel after.

And remember, no judgment. It takes a while to establish this kind of practice. But you will love me when you do, and find that when you DON’T take the time for yourself like this, you may not feel in alignment with yourself that day. Just sayin’!


TIP: Insight Timer is a great phone app to help you with your meditations. You can set it up however works best for you, with bells, music, silence. Plus they have great meditations and instructions too… I use it every day!

TIP: There are other great places and people on the internet who teach meditation and you can check them out if you desire: Kristoffer Carter is a great connection, as is Deepak Chopra, and David Ji.


Time to rise and shine!
What is brewing, besides your morning coffee or tea?

After meditation is a great time to sit with your journal, and let the thoughts and words pour out.

Some days it is easier than others, sometimes the words that come out are nonsense, sometimes they are poetic, sometimes words come out as to-do lists, some days the word flow feels like divine guidance- love those downloads!

Some call this a brain dump because it is so good to get everything out of your head and onto the page… This brings so much clarity, instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed with all those ideas floating in your brain! I highly recommend you get a journal just for this. Julia Cameron, in her early book, The Artist’s Way ( a must read!), writes about this exercise and calls it the morning pages. She recommends writing 3 pages a day. And so do I!

Once you get into a groove with this, it becomes easier and oh, so important to continue… you are creating new habits here! Delicious. And then the creativity kicks in, the clearer you will get, the more you toss out of your head and onto the page. But remember to not edit while you are writing, no spell check, no changing…you may never reread what you just wrote… or you can go back and highlight the great ideas.

Remember that this is just for you. No one else has to read what you write. Such a great way to start your day…


Get up offa that thing, dance and you’ll feel better… thanks James Brown…

Babe…you got to move that body! And adding movement to your new morning ritual is a surefire way to wake up, shake off sleepiness and stiffness, change your energy, shift your mood. Uplifting!
(Any time of day, really… I say dance all day long!)

But seriously, you may have ways you like to work your body, such as yoga, running, dancing around your kitchen to some great rock tunes, free form woo woo dancing, riding your peloton or your bike around the neighborhood, belly dancing (my Global Caravan style of course!), Pilates, maybe even some jazzercise! What style of movement calls your name, my friend?

It does feel great to get outside first thing in the morning, so I do love my walking/running time outdoors listening to motivational podcasts or books on audio, or just the birdsong. You might add this in too. Breathing in fresh air and watching the sunrise while walking and breathing deep! Think of combining and blending styles, like a yoga flow mixed with some dancing and strength training — I find if I do it first thing in the morning, it gets done! Switch off styles every other day or so, like cross-training, if that feels good. Or do the one that feels the best on your body.

Time to get up off the couch and raise your beautiful energy. You will feel so much better and more energized when you work your god pod, your body, and shift into some good energy while juicing up your joints. So you can move forward with intention, direction, and a great mood.
Doing these daily will help set your day up for success. Inside and out with connection and clarity, and a desire to take on the day with a beautiful intention.

Let me know how these work out for you or if you have any questions. Stay tuned for more tips and inspirations. I am so glad you are here, and can’t wait to see more of you too.

*AND let me know how these work for you… I’d love your responses
**AND if you want a really pretty PDF of this with a little bonus on it, you can download it here…Ahhhh, so good…Now dear one, go out and RADIATE some of your love and creative juices, and make this the best day of your life…with so much gratitude…

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