Got a journal ready? Grab a pen too…I’ve got a couple of writing prompts for you today!

I feel strongest and most connected to my creative self when….

I spend time taking time, for myself

That’s self-care at its best,  for me it’s an early morning set of meditation, and getting outside to welcome the day,

 often listening to an inspirational book or my favorite podcasts, which then lead to some great creative downloads.

That’s like a moving meditation for me.

Then, journaling is a massive form of clarity, often a release like therapy, to allow the flow of more downloads, and time to write out those ideas…before the action takes place…sometimes it is just a jumble of words, sometimes a to do list, but the more I journal, the more connected I feel to myself and my desires. My truth, my values.

When the words flow through me they often become poetry…and I love using prompts to get those juices going…


**So today I have a few prompts for you!**

Get your journals out and see what comes through you, and share with me!

Fill in the blanks! Write for at least 3-5 minutes without picking up the pen, or editing, or spell checking… Allow the free flow…

I feel most connected to myself when_______________________________

What I love about myself today is ________________________________

Now, below are 3 words, and use the words anyway you want in a short piece, a story, a poem, something wacky!

  1. Red
  2. Water
  3. Lightbulb

5 minutes… Go!

and how was that?  And you are welcome to share in our private Dance and Desire group on Friday!

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No matter how you dance through life, YOU are of the utmost importance! Being aware of, and connected to YOU, your reason for living, your purpose, and your joy that comes from total connection to body, mind, spirit, which will bring your satisfaction and fulfillment! That is what we are talking about, friends! And journaling is a big part of that…
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And here is a little free flow writing to share with you too!

Of course I would pick the work undulation, as a bellydancer…

Because the words flow through me just like movement flow through me,

Undulating like ocean waves slamming violently into and out of me,

Or like the river currents, whipping around obstacles in its path, 

fast and unpredictable,

Or as a creek trickling over the rocks, the smoothness, often, stillness, 

of lightly touching the thoughts

Or even just reflecting back to me, as a mirror.

Not often asking if that is what I truly meant, 

because it always is,

When the words ride my own undulating  wave, 

I trust the flow, the action, writing voraciously to hurry and get it all down, 

So as not to miss a thought. The undulation of the belly, 

like birthing a child, moves in and out and up and down, 

With practice and patience, and strength and power, 

Connecting with my source, my core, and my own, place of fertility,

The water breaks free as the words are born, fluttering out, 

whether they are full-bodied, or in an isolated torso ripple

Of creation.


Enjoy your day, enjoy taking some time for yourself, taking care of yourself, and enjoy your words!





Watch for Heart and Hustle later this week! I had a juicy conversation with Australian tribal bellydancer and teacher, Richelle Spencer!

Heart and Hustle with guest love artist,  Sarah Love McCoy Episode #74


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