Heart and Hustle with guest love artist, Sarah Love McCoy Episode #74

Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,

with your host, Paulette Rees-Denis,

and my guest today, GC tribal bellydancer and teacher, Richelle Spencer, #120

How wonderful and refreshing to have this dynamic woman on my show this week, Richelle Spencer, from the west coast of Australia, a little town called Fremantle which I totally love! She has been studying dance with me for several years, is one of me certified teachers and a master teacher, plus is part of my own Global Caravan Dance Company, and may I just add, she is a force to be reckoned with!

A cancer survivor, a mother, a teacher, a healer, Richelle is deeply connected with her divine feminine, as a healing spirit, a giver of inspiration, a leader of women, and a super creative. I think you will really enjoy our conversation today…

We talk about the dance as a lifestyle, and the utmost importance is self-care, and daily practices, which I always talk about! We talk about words, and the words some use to describe themselves. We talk about the importance of being a teacher with mindfulness, and how we impart knowledge and skills on our students! We talk about being in the moment, and the experience of dancing in that kind of moment.

a lovely conversation, enjoy, my friend, and let us know what you think!

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well??? what ‘cha think? I so hope that this gave you some good brain, body, and spirit fuel… I love sharing these conversations with you… until next time…

More about Richelle:

Hi, I am Richelle Spencer from Fremantle Western Australia; my absolute passion is Global Caravan Dance.

It truly defines ’me’ and my life.  It’s so healing, ritualistic, deeply connective & brings me so much joy.  This dance is so much more than steps….

it’s a lifestyle.

It’s about the journey…

…destination unknown….

Its more than just being drawn & collecting the accoutrements of the dance the gorgeous colourful costuming, jewellery, artifacts (which is so fun and a huge part of who we are and what we do…we become beautiful bower birds collecting treasures that make our hearts happy and our bodies gorgeously adorned)…….

Its about sharing sistahood, making music & magic, co-creating art, uniting woman of all cultures races, shapes & sizes, sharing and weaving together the phases of the divine feminine: the dreamy, bold, maiden the nurturing, patient, mother, the powerful, transitioning, enchantress and the wise, sacred, crone…. transitioning, accepting and standing in our power.

When we gather and dance these earthy moves that our ancestors did before us, which have such beautiful sacred geometry crafted into them, we can feel the sense of connection…. of community… of tribe….

We begin, we end, each dance class in circle, a safe, supportive place of equality, so uplifting, bringing joy, encouragement and creating positive energy. We dance together sharing a common vocabulary of moves that can be danced improvisationally by following the cues of the leader. Giving into ego, being immersed in the moment, allowing flow, synchronicity and joy to shine through. We dance for each other, showing support, holding space, and feeling beautiful.

I am blessed to teach many different classes regularly at Chakra Angel studio in Fremantle from Tribal Grooves, to GC beginners, intermediate, advanced and troupe.

I enjoy performing with my dance troupes at local events and have created Dance Sanctuary ~ monthly workshops for women, focusing on dance as Ritual, studying in depth the goddess archetypes, inviting women to step into their power and walk or dance the earth like the goddess they are.

I also co-facilitate Red Tent Temple: a place where we gather on the new moon to honour ourselves, each other & the natural cycles and set our intentions for the new lunar month.

I feel my calling is to be a conduit: assisting to connect women, speaking their language, assisting them to find themselves, returning to the sacred feminine & their own divinity, creating sisterhood built on love and trust. 

Paulette’s dream was to connect women all over the world together: “hand to hand, hip to hip, heart to heart” sharing the glory of the dance with the stomping feet, swaying hips, shimmying body kinda moves that totally fill & fuel our bodies, minds and spirits.

This is why I teach GCTB style… why I followed my heart.. followed my dreams… studied hard….and now have a dance family that spans the globe. 

When women hold each other with respect, with love with support it opens doorways, pathways and surprises us with glorious, creative possibilities.

Women have been suppressed by the masculine for too long and I acknowledge that we all need to maintain a healthy balance within our masculine & feminine energy… so I ask these gorgeous women to search deep into their hearts and souls to find what they truly desire, to step into their power, into their hearts and do whatever makes them feel truly happy.

Dress in what makes you feel beautiful, wear the red lipstick, wear the gorgeous ethnic jewellery, layer up all the colourful mished mashed patterned clothes to cover your curvaceous bodies, adorn yourself with scarves, bindi’s, flowers, feathers…. whatever makes you feel amazing, show us your passionate, determined soul and most importantly shine your light bright.

Dance makes me happy, fills my heart with love & joy, grounds me to Mumma earth & connects me to other beautiful like-minded soul sistas. 

Yours in dance Richelle xxx

FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/793909617713728/user/608263108


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