Hello my friend!                                                                     (Journaling prompts today!)

In my early morning reverie, I was thinking of my life as a creative, constantly evolving and revolving, my circular spirally energy of creation. This is something I evoke and invoke in all I do, all I be, all I am, to live in a place of beauty, my idea of beauty. To create from that pure energy, in all I do and be. And this is how I show up in my world, and how the world shows up to me.

This has always been a desired necessity for me, to be surrounded by beauty, that everything I have is beautiful, from my silverware, dishes, to the art in my house, to my garden, to the vase of fresh flowers, to those around me. What and who give me pleasure and inspiration. For me that is most often visually, as I am a very visual person, that being my strongest sense.

And I must love it. Right? When I shop, I have to love something to buy it. If I don’t love it, why bother? I don’t want extraneous things in my life that I have no emotion for, or don’t care about. That’s a good way to pair down your closet, or the items in your home. What is it that Marie Kondo always asks, Does it bring you joy? I like to ask if it is a “Hell yeah” or a “hell no”!

When you are connected to your joy and passion and loves, and you listen in to yourself, you know what is right for you, and what you want to surround yourself with. That’s one reason I go out early morning for my run, because where I live is soooo beautiful that I am surrounded by this place of beauty and I place myself right in it every day. I choose to be here and be in it, and that lights me up.

It also fills me with deep gratitude, for the life I have, for my body, my love, my work, the awesomeness of this planet, the creatures, the people, all the possibilities. To be the possibilitarian is to be open to all that one can be.

Life is precious and I want to be lit up, on fire with my own creativity, to live full-on, and to walk in beauty, every day.  I stay in alignment with my values, beliefs, desires. I become a magnet to even more beauty, abundance, creativity! Then I can share what I do with others, whether that be through my creativity coaching, my writing, my dance, my music, my cooking. That loving creative energy continues full circle.


Journaling prompts today!

So I have a few journaling prompts for you today. I love asking you questions! When you sit down and give yourself time to chat on paper, to reflect and to also allow the flow of words without editing…there is magic in that release…and you usually surprise yourself when you do take the time!

  • What is beautiful to you, dear one?
  • How do you put yourself in a place of beauty? Or do you? 
  • What is your strongest sense? Touch, Hearing, Seeing, Tasting, Smell
  • And what about that sense brings you pleasure? and why?

Here are 3 words to put into a short piece of writing, however they seem to fit ( again with out thinking too hard! just write! for at least 5 minutes…)

  1. Beauty
  2. Aroma
  3. Run

Share with me what you write! And enjoy your time…


PSSSSTT…By the way, I am developing my new writing program for you which will start this summer!

Today, open your eyes in a different way, and put yourself in a place of beauty!

Thank you for being here,





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