(Journaling prompts today!)

Morning Movement…

This morning, as everyday, I get up about 5 am. My Rosie dog is a kisser and a loving pup in the morning so I always get up laughing with her and my man (of course!) Jeff…that’s a great way to start every day, right?

It’s hot now, here in the desert, with temps soaring over 110 degrees daily, so early morning is the best time to go outside, and you know me, I have to MOVE in the am! Either before or after journaling…Always kickstarting my day either with a run, walk, bike, a dance around my kitchen, or dog play!  ( My workout comes later in the day usually!) This morning I decided to go for a 7 am swim, a place of quiet, alone time, and make it a moving meditation for me. Peaceful, refreshing, and body goodness!

An important factor in my everyday life, work and pleasure, so I can show up fully, be present in my body, and feel alive!

How do you start your day? Do you give yourself YOU time everyday? Morning or night? I love to ask you questions, don’t I?!

I had a great afternoon chat with many of my dancers from around the globe yesterday, and I asked them to journal too! Giving prompts to guide them into reflections about how they present themselves to the world and more. Profound words come when you give yourself time to write, when you allow yourself to be guided, when you look at something from a different viewpoint.

That is something I am really good at doing, as a leader, a teacher, a guide, a coach, to help you open up to what is inside and what you want to change, how to move forward, setting intentions, taking action and being accountable for your choices! Oh yeah, that is good stuff…

This is the first poem I read to my gathering, from my Breaking Down the Walls poetry book!

Tribal Revelations
The power of the dance moves through me, often consuming me,
as I watch the dancers.
The new ideas I have presented are taking shape
in their bodies and their minds.
Transformation is powerful.
Revelations are powerful.
I am newly awestruck each time I teach
The Power of Tribal.
Trusting, they move freely, looking inward and moving outward.
The dance truly comes from within,
and shows the flowing spirit.
Freedom within structure.
Creative adventures, with the passing moments of rejuvenation,
artistic snippets of the larger vision.
Hanging on to the power from within to adopt it,
the dancers glisten both from the heat of the movement
and the fire of their own passion.
Passion is powerful.
Movement is powerful,
recognition of all of that is empowering.
That is what I want to see.
They feed off of each other as they music builds,
they explode within the safety of the sacred circle,
the space that is their home for the few short but ecstatic hours
of self-revelation and bliss.


NOW it is your turn! Journal and share!

Journaling prompts today!

Allow the flow of words without editing, from the Body to the Page ( my new monthly membership coming soon!)

…there is magic in that release…and you usually surprise yourself when you do take the time!

  • What is fun for you? Do you know?
  • What makes you feel alive? What tingles your skin, quickens your heart, pushes you to the edge?
  • What activities bring you joy? Make some lists!
  • Imagine you are talking to your artform (dancing, painting, cooking, writing, coaching, whatever!)… tell it what you are bringing to it, to your practice with it. Impress it with all that you are and how you do your creative work! Woo hoo… this is juicy!

Now take a line or three from my poem up above, and use that as a starting point for a short poem or story from you!

Share with me what you write! And enjoy your time…


PSSSSTT…By the way, I am developing my new writing program for you which will start this summer!

Make a move, my friend!

I love you,





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