Hey there! It’s the beginning of the week and I love to start it out strong… with focus, clarity, and some high energy for my work and play projects…

And writing is one of my key ingredients to get clear on the path for the week, or the day, or even the hour. I’ve been sharing more of my journaling and poems with you recently, as well as some prompts, because I love to get you writing and thinking and questioning too, all that you are and do and desire. Words play such a role in how we move through our day, how we talk about ourselves, how we show up.

Playing with words, with descriptions, with your intuitive flow, with games, with lists, whatever is wanted at that time of writing, with some meditation and quiet time and focused time, whether you take 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or an hour before you start the workday, can be liberating, releasing, and clarifying!

Below is a piece I wrote about changing my attitude, releasing some old beliefs, and moving forward.

Prompt for you today!

Take this sentence and finish it, let it flow out…

When I get in a funk, I rearrange_____________________….


I drag my feet where the rubber meets the road…

How do I kick into high gear?

Heel toe heel toe heel toe

Knees up, arms pumping

Those lazy days can torment me

Instead of listening for the sounds of silence,

The inner request of slowness and rest

I push, I guilt the hell out of myself, 

Make work progress, list those to-do’s

Who’s waiting for me?

Well, shit, only me really, I”m the one that counts

My wheels my gas pedal

My choice

I burn rubber as I take off in my sporty new emotion…

So when I kick into the gear that feels good, I put the top down on that old yellow t-bird and let my hair, although short, fly behind me

Because that’s when I’m ready to ask, to pitch, to do 360’s

That emotion is ready when I have dragged and stopped and breathed and filled up my tank to always overflowing, to best in show

To contented freedom in the playing field

Of my open vista’s desert of potential impossibilities

Then I am as ready for the speed as it is ready for me,

Doesn’t take long to win my own round

Flags waving

Smiling faces, mine, always now, tell the truth, can you dig it?

Right on


Share with me what you wrote! and have a super fantabulous week, may you burn some rubber on take off!





P.S. I’m excited to bring back my weekly  FB and Instagram Lives! They will be starting up again soon, and we’ll have lively conversations about healing, desire, dance, with journaling prompts and even poetry!  Watch for dates and times! Woo hoo…

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