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Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
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Paulette Rees-Denis

with guest, Business Success and Freedom Coach,

Daphne Wells, Episode #123

Hello there!
Welcome to Episode #123! woo hoo… still going strong and it is so inspiring to connect with so many change makers and powerful biz women and creatives!  And so grateful for you to be here to listen, watch, learn, share, and expand into all your possibilities! To be a possibilitarian!
Today I get to bring you Daphne Wells, from New Zealand… a Business Success and Freedom Coach! and don’t we all want more freedom in our lives, our business, our creativity?
We do talk about all the things…We talk about money and that we want money, not just to have money, but so we can have choices! Agree?
We also talk about numerology and being who you were born as…and how that allows us to be in the container of who we are… we talk about the 7 seasons, birth codes, going into the woo but bringing it into the practical. Which is what I’m all about in my coaching too.
Daphne brings in such helpful tools into her coaching, like her numerology, and I love seeing how other coaches all have their own unique gifts to help their clients, because we are all such unique individuals.
We talk about taking time to listen in, instead of forcing things to fall into place, and how we can change the way we do things by falling into natural rhythms!
This is deep and so good… enjoy!
Have a watch and a listen and let us know your thoughts!

More about Daphne!

“I’m a professionally certified and credentialed Business Success and Freedom Coach and Numerologist for heart-led women who are at a crossroad.  I help them get exactly what they want which is more money, more success and more freedom.

Through my juicy free gifts, life-changing coaching and intuitive strategic planning, I’m here to shake up your approach to business and life – while making it all feel delightfully effortless.

My insights and teachings have been featured in various magazines and speaking engagements, and in my book “Decide: Choose your own PATH”. 

When I’m not inspiriting women around the globe to make more money in record time, you’ll find me creating magick with fabric and threads, getting my hands dirty growing what I eat or frolicking in the waves.’





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