The power of collective thought

There is so much power and energy when people come together with their like-minded intentions. Do you feel that?

Having just witnessed yet another proof of this, my mind is whirling with delicious thoughts of the experiences I’ve had, and led, of assorted types of group activities that have brought people and actions together.

But today what stands out to me, what has been so powerful for me, what has set me off on the way-too-early morning writing tangent of collective thoughts, has been the experiences I’ve had over the past three days. My little corgi dog, Rosie, almost three years old, got really ill suddenly last week. I’m very close to her, and despite being empathic and intuitive, I am not an animal communicator. How difficult it is when you don’t know what’s wrong with your furkid, and you are in charge of their well-being, right?

She spent a whole day in the vet ER, with lots of inconclusive tests, or tests that take days to get results. Sent home with meds, all I could do was hold this once- super-high energy bouncing bundle of joy, as she slept, and watch as she tiptoed gingerly to the next bed to sleep some more, with those eyes of distress looking at me. 

What does one do? Reach out, my friend. I wrote a post on FaceBook and asked for support, for healing prayers, well wishes, love, whatever could flow in. 

Asking for help, any kind of assistance can be such a hard thing for people. Does it show signs of weakness? Vulnerability? That’s often thought, as I’ve coached so many women in how to ask for what they are wanting, desiring. There’s more…fear of rejection, of being laughed at, of not being worthy of someone else’s time and energy. 

And what do you find out when you do ask for help? That people love to help, people enjoy being needed and being of service. People offer to assist in what ways they are capable of.

In this case of asking for help for Rosie, I reached out through my connections on the internet. Feeling desperate, I sent out a message, and BAM, the positive and loving responses came flowing quickly into my message box, and people, close friends, acquaintances, and even strangers, were sending out so much love and healing energy to Rosie, and to myself and Jeff (my husband) too.

Let me tell you, I could feel it, and so could Rosie. The energy, the connection, the prayers, the heart-felt compassion and concern, advice, love, all flowing with that collective intention of helping, supporting, healing. Oh yes, we could feel it, immediately, and it helped. One must be open to receive too, not only to ask for help, but to allow that flow to come in. Oh, and the gratitude that was pouring through me, for all the things. 

Every little thing, every big thing, with set intentions of goodness, whether they be quick emoji’s, loving thoughts, paragraphs of concern, that energy you, my friend, send out makes a difference. That intention you set and move forward with creates a shift. Ask and you shall receive.

Collective work like that is a creative force. Whether it be in person, or over the internet, or through thought waves, it becomes a catalyst for change. It is creating magic, which is what? Magic is creating the energy of change with intention. Part of my coaching philosophy is that we want to live with everyday magic, to be open to all the life around you, to be conscious and present to all that is, and knowing how to shift your energy to make your life how you want it to be, to create that change. It is to be connected on all levels to all the things, to source, to God, to the universe, the trees, the animals, the people. To know your own connection to your inner and outer self, first, and then to all around you. Don’t you want to live in awe of our magical world, and to live lit up, everyday? So juicy…

And knowing, trusting, that you, too, can make a difference.You can ask for what you want, with that powerful force of intention, and knowing the why of what you want. Yes, you really do make a difference. Don’t ever think that you can’t make a change. Every act can lead to another, too, like the trickle-down effect. What or who you touch leads to another action or result. And when that act comes together with another, more power, more energy, more magic happens. Collective power, collective support, inspiration, love, and intention is a powerful force.

In this case, it came in as healing energy for my Rosie dog, and for me, too as the worried mom. Little by little, Rosie is coming back to life, to her kissy-face, snuggle bug antics of puppyhood.

I am grateful that I had the ability to reach out, and for the incoming support, the messages, the phone calls, the love from people near and far, some I don’t even know except over the internet, and some next door. And it helped, it made a difference. You made a difference, my friend. 

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, and don’t be nervous about asking if you can help someone else. It’s part of being human.

We are human. We crave connection and community. We need support and inspiration from each other, We give, we take, we share, we teach, we learn. We love. We want to be seen and heard. We all desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We all want to make a difference. And we all have a place in the whole. It takes all of us to complete the circle, our circle of life, of humanity. 

You do make a difference…

Thank you for being part of my world!


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