Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers :: a Video and Podcast series

:: Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers ::

a Video and Podcast series with your Tribal Hostess Paulette Rees-Denis

I am inspired and energized when I meet amazing people–artists, business owners, light workers, true creatives–who are doing profound good in the world, whether it be a quiet solitary belief or a globally-motivated movement! These women are making a difference!

Being the Tribal Hostess that I am, I like nothing more than to share these folk with all of you, for you, to also be inspired, to gain some tools and knowledge, to enjoy the stories, to network, to send off some rockets of heart desires, and to learn through others adventures and misadventures!

Born, Heart and Hustle, a video and podcast bi-monthly series, for you to tune into, watch, listen, cry, laugh, share, and continue on with perhaps more ass-kicking, more freedom, some a-ha moments, and pure delight to witness another’s life and business stories. Hopefully for you to participate in, in our communication, but mostly in your own life, to grow and share and touch another, to make the world a better place!

Chloe Murdock #79 Nutrition coach

Jordan Thomson #78 Coach

KayJay #77 Singer

Brenda Bryan #76 Kick-Ass speaker

Gaia Morrisette #75 Frolicking Sexpert

Sarah Love McCoy #74 Love Artist

Brenda Walding #73 Doctor,coach,author

Miles Carroll #72 Tarot reader, coach

Amy Scott Grant #71 Author, spiritual ass kicker

Kim Roberts #70 Author,artist

Lindsay Pera #69 Mystical Coach

Karly Nimmo #67 Podcaster

Sarah Ripper #66 Healer, new biz entrepreneur

Stephanie Zamora #65 Author, strategist, life coach

Anna Demouchet #64 Love activist

Amy Unamta Sigil #63 Dancer,teacher, tribal sensation

Shay Moore #62 Tribal Dancer

Amel Tafsout #61 Dancer, healer

Linda Mitchell #59 Women’s empowerment coach, fitness champ

Heather Shoopman #58 Dancer, healer

Shari Broder #57 Emotional eating guide

Jill Parker #56
Tribal fusion innovator

Karen Kirchman #55 Wellness inspirator

MaryAnn McNulty #53
Business strategist, coach

Christina King #52 Belly dancer, director

Mary Baird-Wilcock #51 CEO, business coach, podcaster

Satya Lila #50 grief coach

Jessa Zimmerman #49 Couples sex expert

Jen McFarland #48 Women’s tech coach

Lucia Pavone #47 Sensuality & Pleasure Instigator

Tangia Renee #46 Wellness Pro, fitness coach

Elena Sonnino #45 life coach, podcaster

Annie Adamson #44 Primal Vinyasa Yogi

Jennifer Mason #43 Acupuncturist, Healer

Angie Neylan #42 Master Teacher, Dancer, Nurse

Patricia Young #41 Author, Certified Holistic Coach

Devoreaux Walton #40 Branding Expert

Shantara Grace #39 Healer, voice of angels

Anna Lundberg #38 business strategist, coach

Kathy Stowell #37 mama, coach

Jennifer Garrepy #36 business women, healing touch with animals

Beth Love #35 tastes like love, writer

Jen Violi #34 writer, writing coach

Kim Geil #33 coach, writer, climber

Rhonda Lee #32 Reiki Master, multi passionate, energy junkie

Ying Han Cheng #31 coach, author, speaker, world traveler

Jeff Bell #30 shaman, natural healer

Heather Stewart #29 coach, life changer

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D. #28 Doctor, coach

Starr Sheppard-Decker #27 metaphysical spirituality, leadership

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson #26 heart, fire, healing, body healing

Katherine Johnson
#25 Spark, psychology of image

Madeleine Craig
#24 educator, life coach, families with addictions

Victoria Smith
#23 Mojo Lab, heart whisperer, magical naturalist

Dana Corey
#22 business strategist, coach

Mira Zaki
#21 photographer, global traveler

Cat Saunders
#20 The Canine Company, training dogs

Deirdre Clitheroe
#19 Master Teacher and Ambassador of Gypsy Caravan, member of Gypsy Caravan International, coach

Nina Martinez
#18 Gypsy Rain Bazaar, Master Teacher of Gypsy Caravan, director of Caravan Project Australia, member of Gypsy Caravan International

Christine Haviland
#17 The Spirit Inc. Tribal Bellydance, Master Teacher Gypsy Caravan, member of Gypsy Caravan International, Nurse

Cindy Brown
#16 Author

Laura Rowe
#15: The Vital Spirit
empath, healer

Molly Patrick: #14:
Clean Food, Dirty Girl
plant food sage

Anna Kunnecke
#13: Declare

Theresa Pridemore
#12: Sovereign Spirit
tech goddess

Samantha Fox Olson #11: Kauai Yoga and Fitness

Barbra Gilman
#10: Access Consciousness

Lia Dunlap
#9: Coach
Intuitive Guidance

Helen McConnell
#8: Purpose, Prosperity, Happiness

Heather Craig
#7: Booty Luv (TM)
fitness guru

Lynea Gillen
#6: Yoga Calm
yogi, healer, dancer

Elena Lipson
self-care goddess

Dill Ward
#4 Realtor, Women with Moxie



Pamela Smith Hill
author, dancer

Molly Mandelberg
#2: Wild Business Rising


Vanessa Couto
#1: Liminal Astrology






















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