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From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance

Are you aching to change from that unrewarding job and start using your creative skills for that new business you’ve been only dreaming of? Ready to work for yourself? Now you can get the tools, plus the inspiration, to create and build your satisfying future with your art, whether that be painting, dancing, writing, or any art form!

Available now as an EBook.Paperback coming in August!

More Books by Paulette

Breaking Down the Walls: My Life Shorts, a delicious little book of poetry…snippets of observations and experiences along my journey…with unedited flow, desires, strengths and weaknesses, light and darkness, the truth, the beautiful, and the not so…

Five-Star Review!

“This is a raw, exposed, inciteful, awe-inspiring and empowering view into the life, thoughts and emotions of Paulette. Through a combination of everyday and unexpected moments wrapped together, the reader experiences an intimate view of the author and the colorful life she has lived.”

Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance is an inspired, insightful, and important account of the origins of Tribal Belly Dance and the author’s personal journey through this brilliant and artistic community. Part of this dance movement from the beginning, Paulette Rees-Denis shares her vision of its past, present, and future. …

Five-Star Review!

“In “Tribal Vison,” Paulette Rees-Denis takes the reader on an eye-, and heart-opening journey into tribal style belly dance. Part history, part memoir, and wholly a celebration of dance (and life!), the beautifully printed and designed pages reveal fascinating glimpses of what this exuberant art means to its practitioners, whether beginner or professional, student or teacher.”…

Skin Stories was a collaborative project with author and poet, T. Thorn Coyle, and myself using my portfolio of double-exposed images ( pre-photo shop!) and her words to express the layers of life on skin and deeper. This was a small art book of only 200 copies and sold out quickly.

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