I feel so empowered! My biggest takeaway: Every day I am grateful for having the opportunity to create my own reality, to craft my life in alignment with my values and aspirations!

Is it Time for YOU to:

Move that body

Do some deep diving

Break down those walls and borders

Quit with the self-sabotage

Add more enjoyment

Find more pleasure

And finally make some potent and feel-good decisions to design the life you desire, adding in a reinvigorating, delightful daily practice to keep you revved up and moving forward with your dreams.

And FEEL GREAT in your body, spirit, and mind!

How does that sound to you? Ready?

“The journaling assignments were the most valuable to me, especially the morning pages. Through the writing, I dug deep and unpacked a lot of stuffed emotions. I found all the questions relevant on some level. The questions about what makes me angry, embarrasses me, keeps me from moving forward … those were extremely helpful and I will continue to use this particular exercise and set of questions whenever I feel myself getting stuck. I absolutely love this journaling exercise … so effective in helping me to identify and move past a particular issue!”

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