From Chaos to Creativity, Module ONe

From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance: Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art


From Chaos to Creativity

Welcome to Module 1 and my home office!

Aren’t you excited? So much goodness coming to you…I talk  to you about Making Change, how to use words to shift your mindset, your energy, your old and new story, and your dreams…

Time for a change! And time to get clear now, on those dreams and desires!


Here is your private link to the first video!

Download to your computer so you can have it forever!


Grab some paper and a pen, a cuppa, and have a look and listen…let’s start with a little guided meditation as we come together. Let’s talk about becoming a possibilitarian, about being the change you want to see. We want to get curious. 


You will want to get two journals — one for your morning pages, your brain dump station, and one for your daily gratitude!

Stop and start the video as you want to take notes and answer my questions!


I ask you to write several things in this module! Going to dive right in to your stories and your desires. What is not working for you and what you want to change, as well as acknowledging what is working for you.


Thoughts become words become things!


Here are links in Dropbox, to the pdfs for the  Change Your Story segments…

Making Change Exercise, Part 1-


Finish that up and then jump into parts 2 and 3

Making Change Exercise, Part 2 and 3-


What’s next? Who are you, really?


The ‘I am” statement….

A typical description vs. the soul juice!


Do it! Play with words, and write it down, then stand up, say it outloud!


Alright lovey,

You are on your way to opening yourself up to all your possibilities…





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