::Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers::
A Video and Podcast series with your Tribal Hostess:
Paulette Rees-Denis

I am inspired and energized when I meet amazing people–artists, business owners, light workers, true creatives–who are doing profound good in the world, whether it be a quiet solitary belief or a globally-motivated movement! These women are making a difference!

Being the Tribal Hostess that I am, I like nothing more than to share these folk with all of you, for you, to also be inspired, to gain some tools and knowledge, to enjoy the stories, to network, to send off some rockets of heart desires, and to learn through others adventures and misadventures!

Born, Heart and Hustle, a video and podcast bi-monthly series, for you to tune into, watch, listen, cry, laugh, share, and continue on with perhaps more ass-kicking, more freedom, some a-ha moments, and pure delight to witness another’s life and business stories. Hopefully for you to participate in, in our communication, but mostly in your own life, to grow and share and touch another, to make the world a better place!

Paulette’s Musings

I’m coming at you a lot lately, my friend!

I’m coming at you a lot lately, my friend!

I’m coming at you a lot lately, my friend! This is such a great time of year to get into focus and set intentions for the rest of the year, for creating change, for stepping into more of what you want. And I love to give you ideas and inspirations to do that, through...

Investing in oneself….

Investing in oneself….

Investing in your desires! When we get down to it, my friend, when we get ready to take a risk, take some bold new steps, what comes up? Fear? Confusion? Uncertainty? Lack of confidence? Lack of funds? All those things that keep holding us back, getting in our way,...

Let’s Get Started Together!

Let’s Get Started Together!

Hello there Friend, I ask you today...What are you really desiring to change, and to create? Do you know? What’s next? Are you tired of feeling that overwhelm??? And not taking action? Alright my lovey, let’s talk about this…   I’ve been planning and talking about...

It’s Time to Fan Your Flame

It’s Time to Fan Your Flame

  It's time for you to fan your flame.. It’s time to toot your horn, my friend! Step into your creative dreams, and make the change ( or changes!) that you have been desiring… Desire is so important, you know I talk about it all the time. Dance with your desires....

What’s Stopping You, My Friend?

What’s Stopping You, My Friend?

I want to ask you something. I’m curious. What’s stopping you from doing more of what you desire? What are you waiting for? Taking action to make the changes you are wanting? Even allowing yourself to look inside and ask yourself what’s not working for you now?  I...

Join me today as we talk about setting intentions

Hello there! Join me today as we talk about setting intentions! We just went through the lovely darkness of a new moon, did any of you stargaze? And at this time of year, together with that, is a lovely time to make some changes! Setting a new intention, for the rest...


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Paulette's Musings

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