Illumination the Mastermind

Illumination: Elevate and Illuminate, the Mastermind 

I offer this Mastermind about once a year, to share and guide creative women on the path of envisioning possibilities, attracting money and abundance, tools for manifesting change, re-connecting with body, mind, and spirit, and taking concrete action…

Starting May 22nd, for 3 months!

Why be fine when you can be fabulous?

3 months of YOU, of WOW, and all the opportunities waiting for you!

3 months of YOU…

Elevate and Illuminate

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

~ Ferdinand Foch

Are you desiring to step up bigger and fuller into those desires you’ve had?

Are you ready to make a difference? And shine your light?

Illuminate, my friends… Elevate and Illuminate yourself…

Want to live your day to day life more lit up?

…On fire? With your creative sparks and juice flowing?

Are you feeling like that is NOT happening right now, because you are overwhelmed?

…Stuck in your day-to-day activities

…or the to-do list that is miles long?

…Not having the clarity of what to do next or how to get you where you want to be?

Elevate and Illuminate…

I want you to step into your badass creative fullness and beauty and abundance, to live in the body you love,

to feel the lightness and greatness of diving full on into what you are truly desiring! With ease and gratitude…


Sometimes your light needs some help to shine brighter and fuller. You know what I mean? Have you felt that? Like someone hit the dimmer on you? Like you can’t quite see what’s in front of you, which path to take, which switch to pump up?

How would you like to change that? Emotionally, financially, physically, mentally? All of that! To move forward with intention, with a clearer vision, with momentum to step into what you’ve been wanting, desiring to let go of those old stories, to change up those words and rewrite your story, to redefine your sexy powerful feminine self? To dance with your desires! And do this with a circle of other women, moving into their power, elevating themselves and their desires and actually get them happening? Woohoo… I invite you to MAKE YOUR MOVE! Are you feeling it? Getting chills thinking about what it could be for you?

What all is possible?


Reserve your spot now, take the leap for yourself!


This is a high-level support group for creative ambitious women. This is an intimate circle, online, with a small gathering of you who are ready to make the moves! It is safe, supportive, and fun. A place to learn, do the work, inspired and be inspired, thrive… to thrive for the upcoming year!

I am looking for 10 women who are ready to dive in, show up, expand in every aspect of mind, body, and spirit. Who are ready and willing to leap bigger, and cut through the bullshit, to step into their badassness, and live lit up every day. To shine your light! IS THIS YOU?

If this is what you’ve been waiting for, email me to be put on the wait list!


You get weekly emails full of tools, inspirations, journaling prompts, meditations, and movement videos. You get one private 60-minute coaching session with me each month where we brainstorm, get clarity,  and set yourself into action. Add in one group coaching call (on Zoom) a month (will be recorded for you), and a private FB group page to work with each other! I will help guide you to your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, we calendar it up, and I hold you accountable, as do all of us in the group, You are ready to do this. Gotta love that kind of action and desire!

This is YOUR time, to dream big, with no judgment, and step into your light!

Light up your desires!


Email,, if you have questions and to get put on the list for the next session!

One of the greatest parts of being in our mastermind group is that you are ready to do the work, to dream big, while being in the presence of like-minded souls, to share and watch and listen, to be inspired and inspire, while your fellow Illuminators are kicking ass too. This is such an invaluable tool, learning experience, and a supportive network, you’ll wonder how you got along without a mastermind group before…

You are ready to work directly with me to get out of mediocrity and step into your creative glory and vivaciousness! Money, abundance, passion…Join me and our small group, to get your body, heart, mind, and soul aligned and moving forward to reach fulfillment, prosperity, and connection unlike anything else.

Are you ready to take the next step to achieve your dreams? I want to see you succeed, to live full-on, with joy and fulfillment. Will you commit to yourself? If you said YES, I would love you to join me. This will be a small select group for three months, with an application process to make sure we are a good fit and this is what you want…

I would love to talk with you about this. If you have questions, concerns about joining, schedule time with me for a 20-minute free phone consult… You ready?

J.S. says after finishing up her mastermind, “I can’t even tell you how much you have helped me. When I look back I was in such a hopeless and darn place. Thinking I wasn’t worth shit. I am so much lighter by dumping that baggage and believing that I’m worth it and that I can do anything.”

Are you ready? 

Is it time to re-invest in yourself and what you have been longing for? And live lit up?

Too often I see women stuck, wanting more, not allowing themselves to step it up. Someone tells them there are other priorities, they don’t feel like they can afford it, not sure if they can commit, yea, but…

What? Commit to yourself? This is for you, my dear beautiful souls, because it IS time to commit to yourself, to invest, or re-invest in yourself, to start now, living up to that inspired vision, those dreams that keep you awake at night. To finally be rid of those nagging gremlins in your head as they whisper you aren’t worthy, you aren’t good enough…

That is where I come in, as your mastermind facilitator, your master coach and truth-telling guide, your supportive love and creative inspirator, and your butt-kicking partner…because this group is for you.

But… only if you are ready to show up, to step up, to declare your desires and awesomeness. Because it is TIME for you, my beauty, to show up, to take that big leap, to stand up for what you believe in, what you desire, and find the pleasure and delight that this one life we have, has to offer us, that we create for ourselves.

Three months, first to listen in, to what our inner being truly wants. Are you ready to connect with that? To feel what you really, truly want? To know that you can have it?

What does 3 months in this amazing gathering, this circle, this Mastermind, look like?

Within this powerhouse circle of creative women, immerse yourself into taking the steps for your success, your new YOU, to feel great and create the change you’ve been wanting. Taking deeper steps for change and self-realization, self-education, plus more awareness into what steps to take to make it blossom – ACTION!

*Including one on one coaching every month-

*A group zoom call every month

1st one tentatively set for Saturday May 25 or Tuesday May 28

2nd call Saturday June 22 or Tuesday June 25

3rd call July 13 or 15th…

*Emails weekly, with templates, journaling prompts, exercises, meditation, and videos to move that body too…

*A private FB page to connect, support, and share with your circle

  • Start with Self-love and self-care of the utmost…
  • Gain clarity and envision those dreams, goals, and desires, on so many levels
  • Change your state
  • Release the old patterns, limiting beliefs
  • Make a “not-to-do-list”!
  • Discover your superpower
  • Identify your customer and Narrow down your Niche
  • Learn your story and tell it!
  • Change your new story
  • Going deep into your why
  • Dive into your money story
  • Clarity and Mapping your bigger future
  • Action plans- daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Get accountability and support
  • Ending with Success and Celebration!

Dance with your Desire…and shine your light!

To live lit up everyday, feeling great in your skin and your heart, doing what you love and creating an impact in the world.

Yes Let’s make it all happen…starting with your connection with yourself, with each other in our circle, and with universe/source.

Read this out loud!

NOW is my time…I am ready…

I am creative.

I am amazing.

I deserve to take this time to commit to my well being and my happiness, my juiciness, my feminine divine, my dreams and aspirations of what can be.

I can make more money to have more freedom, especially as I grow older.

I can love this body and work it out, to love myself, to fall back in love with myself…

My dreams unfold with ease.

I allow all that I can be.

I connect with my inner being, with source.

I feel the power of all I can be.

I surround myself with fabulous friends.

My relationships fulfill and inspire me.

I live in harmony and peace and inspiration.

I am a goddess.

I celebrate my divine feminine.

I am worth it. Baby, I’m worth it.

Elevate and Illuminate!
so you can Dance with your Desires

and let’s light you up, do this together, and have a good time while you are designing your life, just as you want it!

Payment options available to you…Your commitment to yourself!

One time payment of $997.00

Deposit of $400 to hold your space, final payment of $597.00 before the start date

Payment plan option, a deposit of $400, with 2 additional payment 2nd and 3rd month, $325.00


Email me if you have some questions about join us!

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