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Many thanks for joining my email list! I am delighted to have you here for the exploration, the inspiration, and the journey…plus we have a lot of fun!

So let me ask you this…

  • Are you feeling weighed down and afraid to move?
  • Want clarity for what’s next?
  • What holds you back from getting up and shaking your groove thang?
  • What do you desire, down in your heart and soul and belly?

For joining me, here is the video from me! And after you finish the video, below are some journaling prompts to set you in motions for moving deeper into your body, your life, and what you truly desire. That’s what my transformational coaching is all about!

Follow along with me  for a short taste of my Divine Feminine movement to get you tuned in to your body and heart!  Tribal Grooves® is the style! Move however feels delicious and comfortable for you and enjoy your body!

Click here and have fun!


Thoughts become words become things!

In combining writing and moving, journaling and dancing, you get out of your head and bring awareness to your deeper self, feel it in your body, and gain clarity, then you can release what you don’t need anymore, let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and go after what you truly desire.

Now, how about a little journaling? Grab a pen and a paper and jot down a few thoughts to these questions.

  • How do you feel right now?
  • I mean REALLY feel?
  • And how do you truly want to feel every day?

Example: I want to feel connected and full of passion, to allow my flow and feel fabulous in my body and heart every day, to live life lit up! 

 Say your words out loud. How did that feel to hear them? And notice where you feel them in your body.

This is a great way to begin every morning to make each day a success!

Want more of this? Curious about what we can do together?

As your Transformational Lifestyle Coach and your movement motivator, I’d love to talk with you and give you a free 20 minute consult, a Magic Mojo Breakthrough Session, and let’s bring your desires to the forefront.

Let’s get you out of overwhelm and get clear on what you are truly wanting and get some tools to make a Magic Action Plan!

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You might also enjoy my four-week online DIY course,

Dance and Desire: Your Heart and Your Hustle!

Fantastic for more clarity, movement and journaling!

Enjoy and email me if you have questions, I love to hear from you.

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