Five ways to work with Paulette to Create the Lifestyle and Business You Desire

Private Lifestyle and Business Coaching for Creatives
Change your state, change your story, change your life!

Move from Chaos into your Creative Zone of Genius. Get clarity and confidence to get into alignment with your desires and move forward with intention! Allow your dreams to unfold and bloom, to call in what you desire.. Designing your Magic Action Plan:: MAP

and take real action….that is what we do together.

Dancing with Your Desires: Illuminating and Manifesting
Creative women! It’s that time for you to move forward to curate and create your life… to manifest all that you desire, and to take action, live large, show up… That’s what we do in my upcoming women’s 3-month gathering circle.
From the Body to the Page - a monthly membership for our Journaling
A weekly journaling gathering for all who wish to dive into their words and self-expression!

Our once a week gathering on Zoom with focused time to journal to the varied prompts of poetry, stories, magic and soul searching phrases!

Time to write together and time to read aloud your journaling, with no critique or judgement, only encouragement and support. This is time for you to take the pen to the page, listen deep within your body, and enjoy this hour of YOU and your creativity unfolding.

VIP Day | Immersion into your Desires
Immersion is often the best way to get clarity and create the changes you are desiring to make in your life and business…spend intensive time with me as I guide you to your next actions steps, help you open up to listen into your heart, body, and soul desires, rewrite your story, and make a MAP- a Magic Action Plan- for you to step up into your creative zone of genius with passion and accountability!

Half Day, Full Day, Travel Option Available

Retreats | Speaking | Podcasts | Guest Appearances--TBA



Let’s get YOU on your calendar…with me now…

As a coach, entrepreneur, dancer, and author, one of the things I love most is hearing you express yourself from deep within, to get that connection, to take the time to listen to yourself and feel what is deep within waiting to unfold. And then make it happen. You, too, can be a strong manifestor! Like me…You find the words, and feel that explosion of feeling and being able to say it, write it, articulate it, and bring it into being. Become a magnet for all you desire… in abundance!

You are Invited to Join my Community of Creative Women

Sign up now and receive my free masterclass and learn how to create your own
Magic Action Plan
(your MAP) with ideas for making change and moving forward with your delicious desires.
Stay connected for inspiration, support, coaching, and all the love!

“Paulette has worked with thousands of women, particularly mid-life women who are ready for change and more fulfillment, guiding them into their feminine bodies and empowering them to step up big into their dreams and desires.

And she helps creative women who are seeking change, pleasure, and satisfaction, whether that be career changes, physical awareness,  or personal relationships, who have been stuck in limbo, overwhelm, and questioning how to move forward, make more money and feel physically better, get those results.

I have friends who have struggled with that sense of dissatisfaction and overwhelm, so I know how frustrating and emotionally draining it can be and how important her work is.

But, what I most appreciate about Paulette Rees-Denis is her passion and willingness to guide with both practical strategies and the spirit connection!”

Vondetta B.

“Paulette is a truly gifted and brilliant coach and teacher. …she gives a wealth of fun and really effective tools and resources that can be used and integrated immediately. She masterfully creates a very safe space within which to journey to one’s authentic self, to fearlessly explore one’s inner landscape, to begin writing a new life story and – very importantly – an opportunity to be seen and heard throughout the process. In every interaction with Paulette, her compassion, generosity, honesty and integrity shines through. She genuinely wants you to succeed and celebrates you along the way! For me, it has been a wonderful, life-affirming experience!”

– L. G.

“Paulette not only inspired me but helped to give me clarity on what I needed to do, not only for myself, also my dance and business. She taught me how to change my story and not to let others control my feelings. Paulette has taught me how to celebrate all of my successes no matter how big or small! I definitely would recommend to anyone who needs guidance or clarity, or maybe just a small push, to get the momentum going and have several coaching sessions with Paulette!”

– A. J.

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