JANUARY 13, 2020, 1:30PM-3:00PM

Are you ready to move your body,
and bring your desires to your forefront?
With the Divine Feminine movement of bellydance
mixed with soft yoga flow, time to meditate, reflect, journal, and
share in our intimate gathering weekly.

Change your words, Change your story, Change your life!

Dance with your desires…

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Transformational Lifestyle and Creativity Coaching

What would it take for you to step up into that inspired and abundant life you have been desiring?

  • Are you a creative woman who is tired of putting your dreams last?
  • Sick of feeling overwhelmed?
  • Frustrated with not making enough money?
  • And can’t find a way to get off the whirlygig?
  • Got an ache inside your heart that you’ve had for way too long?

Illuminate your path to all you desire! Live with everyday magic…

Let’s ignite your creative path so you can live an abundant, lit up, successful, and creative life!

If you are ready to dive in deep, unfold into your desires, move forward into your true self with ease, I’m here for you…

As your coach, I give you tools and inspirations to finally do what you’ve been wanting with clarity and confidence, to find what’s waiting to unfold, open up your divine body with movement, and guide you to take action. Real concrete action.

If you are ready to live lit up with happiness, pleasure, and abundance and knowing you are finally following your heart, say YES!

Schedule your Breakthrough to your Magical Mojo call with me now, it’s free! I’d love to talk with you about what you are desiring and how I can help…

“THIS is my amazing Life Coach. Sometimes when we have a mountain to climb or a cliff we need to jump off, or a path we need help illuminating, having a guide for the hard parts can make all the difference. I am a witness to that. One of the best decisions I made last year was hiring Paulette Rees-Denis. If you have been thinking about your need for support and expert guidance to get through a transition, I highly recommend Paulette!” – PJ

“I can’t even tell you how much you have helped me. When I look back I was in such a hopeless and darn place. Thinking I wasn’t worth shit. I am so much lighter by dumping that baggage and believing that I’m worth it and that I can do anything.” – JS

Movement, Momentum, and Magic Transformations

Join me to get your M.A.P, your Magic Action Plan, started and get out of being stuck in your body and your life!

Check out my coaching program here for you!

“Paulette is making such a difference in the lives of her following and clients. Fortunate to have experienced first hand her awesomeness and to witness the transformation and trust she has created with her participants.

Tracy McRavey, Certified Business Coach

In Person with Paulette
in January

Are you curious about my global dance revolution… with dance and movement courses, workouts, and Teacher Training?

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® 

Inspirational Reading

Tribal Vision

A celebration of life through tribal belly dance

Breaking Down the Walls – My Life Shorts

A delicous Little Book of Poetry

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Dancers, Join me online in January!

Hello dancers!  And an eerily delightful full moon is going down as I write this super early this morning… There are two online courses with me coming up in January and I wanted to make sure you knew about them, and see if either or both of them are for you! Gypsy...

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Envisioning what you desire!

Your special solstice discount for our costa rica retreat!  Envisioning what you desire! Do you envision what you are desiring to bring into your life? The changes you want to make? This is such an important tool in your growth and expansion tool box! Learning how to...

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Change your words, Change your story, Change your life!

Dance with your desires…

Join my list, get my weekly blog,
and take my free powerful personal and career assessment...

Let’s see what you are desiring and how I can guide you as your coach!

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