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You are invited to Join Us,
Paulette Rees-Denis & Misha Nell

For A Retreat for Women,
In Costa Rica… Like No Other

Embrace the Wild and Divine Feminine Within…

A Journey of Exploration and Transformation for Women

Welcome to Paradise

Escape to the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica for a unique retreat crafted exclusively for women. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of journaling, soulful healing, divine feminine dance, yoga, spiritual connection, beach excursions, waterfall adventures, delectable vegan cuisine and relaxation!

Why Join Us?

November 7-11th, 2024

Embark on a soul-stirring journey to Costa Rica, where paradise becomes a playground for transformation. Picture yourself journaling under swaying palm trees, dancing freely on golden beaches, and connecting with the divine amidst lush rainforests. Our retreat invites you to delve into the magic of self-discovery, embracing the rhythms of bellydance, finding solace in spiritual practices, taking time to journal with word play, and indulging in nourishing vegan cuisine-3 meals a day. Heaven!

Immerse yourself in the serenity of swimming in the waterfall, playing on the beach in the warmth of the sun, as you recharge your spirit and focus on manifesting your dreams.

Join Paulette and Misha in Costa Rica, where every moment is an invitation to relax, recharge, and reinvent yourself. Your transformative escape awaits in the heart of this tropical haven – a sanctuary for those seeking not just a retreat, but a profound journey within.

Discover the power within you as you embark on an all-inclusive transformative journey featuring:

🌺 Daily journaling sessions: From the Body to the Page:

Unleash your creativity and deepen self-awareness through daily guided journaling sessions. Dive deep with your words, let them flow from the body to the page.

With journaling prompts about your desires, your letting go of overwhelm and obstacles, your learning how to envision and step into your manifestations, and dream big.

🌈 Spiritual Connection, Meditation, and Yoga:

Connect with your inner self in the serene landscapes of Costa Rica, fostering spiritual growth and mindfulness, through quiet time, guided visualizations, and deep breathwork.

Detoxify your body and mind, cultivating mindfulness and peace during yoga and meditation classes in a beautiful and sacred space surrounded by lush tropical foliage.

💃Daily dance and movement adventures:

Embrace your feminine energy and cultivate self-expression with the intoxicating moves of Tribal Bellydance, to the freedom of ecstatic dance, to the fun and high powered Bollywood styles and explorations of movement styles. Plus wake up daily with easy yoga flow! To embody all that we are bringing into our lives, our hearts, and our bodies! With both Misha and Paulette and our special guests, our hosts, Hemalayaa and DTO.

🌱 Vegan Culinary Delights:

Indulge in a culinary experience of being fed three times a day, with what nourishes both body and soul with delicious and wholesome vegan meals.

🏖️Sand & Sea Excursion

Relax on one of Costa Rica’s pristine beaches, feel the warm sand beneath your feet, and let the soothing salt of the ocean waves carry away your worries, cleansing and easing your heart and mind. Add in picnic time, circling up and movement time, plus free walking time.

⛰️Waterfall Adventure

Connect with nature, and be astounded by, the rushing water from falls, one of the beautiful local mountain-fed waterfalls. We are driven this exotic locale and will include an easy nature hike showcasing local plants and animals as well as a guided meditation at the falls.

🍌Farmer’s Market

An afternoon delight of stepping into this small town of locals and experiencing the foods grown on this land as the farmers come together.

🇨🇷Cultural Walking Tour:

The charming Central American mountain town, Atenas, was voted by National Geographic as one of the Best Climates in the World. Guided tour.

Discover Your Personal Magic with these Inspiring Hostesses

Each day, you will engage in different activities that teach you how to weave movement, momentum, and magic into your life. And FUN in a beautiful and small circle of women.

You will leave this retreat transformed, recharged,
and ready to make your dreams a reality!

Join us in beautiful Costa Rica with Paulette and Misha, two powerful women who are living embodiments of planning out their dreams, and then making them happen. With years of experience, they are experts at guiding you to make your dreams happen, giving you adventures and deep dives toward your desires.

Passion instigator and movement motivator, Paulette Rees-Denis is a Transformational Lifestyle and Business Coach for Creative Women, is multi-passionate as a speaker, global dance innovator, 4x author, and a leader of feminine celebration. She thrives in the healing, creative arts and music, and coaching business and has led hundreds of women to their own personal growth, pleasure, and self-discovery. She has traveled the globe teaching, speaking, dancing, and performing for the last 40+ years as a leader in feminine celebration, and has been leading retreats around the globe for 25 years.

As a Sacred Rebel and Divine Diva, Paulette will take you on a journey to make changes for your creative dreams, in your business and personal life. With a Master’s in Writing, she also gives you the tools to journal and rewrite your story so you can step up into your creative zone of genius with pleasure and excitement. She says, “Change your state, change your story, change your life!”

Misha is a Wild Priestess who helps people connect deeply with nature and find their wild souls. A living oracle, Misha holds a safe and sacred space for women to discover their own gifts and unlock their innate intuitive abilities. Misha is an accomplished artist, dancer, and healer, inspiring and leading women around the globe into their divine nature.

Misha’s leadership is not only as a teacher but also as a guardian and guide to each individual’s personal journey. She is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, a Reiki Master, a Shamanic Practitioner and a Certified Master Teacher /Leader of Global Caravan Bellydance. She holds a Masters in Education and is passionate about helping people learn. A weaver of the wild, Misha is known for her ability to tap into the Divine and bring an element of mystery, magic, and mischief to her performances, classes and workshop offerings.

Your Transformation Awaits

This retreat is not just a vacation; it’s an opportunity to:

  • Relax: Unwind in the tranquility of Costa Rica, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

  • Recharge: Renew your energy through holistic activities and serene surroundings.

  • Transform: Embody the divine within, focus your mind, and manifest your dreams.

Say Yes! to Transformative and Illuminating Self Care!

Retreat Details:

  • Date:November 7-11th, 2024 (Thursday- Monday)
    Retreat starts at supper on the 7th and ends at noontime Monday lunch on the 11th.

  • Location: Embody Retreat Center, Atenas, Costa Rica

  • Investment and more info to come


  • Additional Options:

    • Any massage treatments are a separate fee: $110/Hour $145/hour and half


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Seize the chance to embark on a life-changing journey. This is for a small group of women, ready to engage and participate in their new adventures, and release all that is holding them back. Limited spots available.