Dancing with your Desires

No matter how you dance through life, YOU are of the utmost importance! Being aware of, and connected to, your reason for living, your purpose, your joy, that comes from connection to body, mind, spirit, to bring your satisfaction and fulfillment! That is what we are talking about, friends!

And I want participation, YOUR ideas, thoughts, questions… to keep this group active and alive, no voyeurs here, friends, I want you to WANT to be here. To participate in your own life, and supporting and engaging in each other is so beautiful and powerful and uplifting!

Can I get an AMEN?!!

This is our global gathering place for creative women! For sisters who want to participate in our discussions, dance with life, move your bodies, dive in deep, and share here on this page. Participation will give you cause to rethink, step up, get inspired, and share!

You are women who sometimes need support, who want to shine, who desire to honor your bodies, who want to be accepted as you are, or who want to make some changes that feel important to your heart and soul.

How about some weekly prompts to help get your groove on, to assist you to succeed, to even try something different. You might be an introvert or an extrovert, but at some time we all want to be seen, and ultimately, we want to celebrate ourselves and each other, in this gathering place of fabulousness!

It’s a place for a party, a ritual, a celebration, an impetus for dancing, a time for reflection, an acknowledgment for desiring big.

What do I do for you?

As I transformational lifestyle and creativity coach, I am also your movement motivator, your guide to find your riches, dreams, and desires, so you come alive with passion and fruitfulness.

I want to guide you to move it, to be it, to shake it, to see it, to write it, to hear it, to awaken the senses, to feel your curvaceous feminine body as it sways and shimmies, to share in the wonders, to wander, and to BE, today, right now.

I share inspiring prompts, group chats, ongoing courses, ideas, magical guests with words of encouragement and wisdom, a place to hangout, to participate (no lurkers please!), and meet your global tribe.

Let’s gather and share, listen, write, dance, and gain clarity about feeling great in our bodies and our hearts. You. First. With love and celebration.

There is a dedicated day to share your work, your projects, your websites, your courses, we love to see what you are creating and offering, but only on the announced day… then share away… we are here to meet, inspire and network!

I am happy you are here among these amazing women! May we grow and expand together and live life to the fullest! Thank you…