Illumination :: Breakthrough to your Desires and Abundance



A Women’s Circle for Moving into your Creative Life January 2023

the Mastermind

With Paulette Rees-Denis

Starting January 17th, 2023 for 3 months!

Over our 3 months we will dive into:

  • Start with Self-love and self-care of the utmost…
  • Gain clarity and envision those dreams, goals, and desires, on so many levels
  • Learn how to change your state
  • Release the old patterns, limiting beliefs
  • Make a “not-to-do-list”!
  • Discover your superpower
  • Learn your story and tell it!
  • Rewrite your new story
  • Going deep into your why
  • Dive into your money story
  • Write and stay connected with your MAP- Magic Action Plan– daily, weekly, monthly
  • Get accountability and support with me and each other
  • Make beautiful connections with the other women
  • Always with Honoring Ourselves our Successes and Celebrate!