Journaling From the Body to the Page


This is more of a write your heart out type of class, a feel your body class, an exploration class.

We share a small, sacred, and safe place to write and share. It is a magical experience!

I will use a little guided visualization to anchor you in your body, some movement to get your flow going and add momentum, and some fun sensory prompts to get your words flowing. This creates the magic for your words to release from your body!

Then we will add in some personal journeys for manifesting your desires.

You do need to pre-register for this six-week class. Set this time aside for YOU, for yourself, with time to explore your words and desires and deepen your practice of journaling and daily self-care.

If you are wanting to start, or restart your writing practice, explore and release some words and ideas, feel your juiciness and let your words flow, while we also share and listen in our magical circle, this is the class for you!