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Monday, August 6th 4:00-6:00 PM (PST)

Movement, Momentum, and Magic–Transformational Lifestyle Coaching

with Paulette Rees-Denis

What are you desiring?

More clarity?


To get out of overwhelm and that stuck feeling?

To make more money?

Direction and action for the dream business you’ve been dreaming of?

A body that moves and grooves and makes you fall in love with yourself all over again?

Welcome here, my friends, to a plethora of inspiration, beauty and movement…and as a certified Strategic Intervention coach, author, blogger, plus business guru running several businesses, including a global dance empire for 27 + years, I’m known for guiding and cmotivating creative people into living their fuller, bigger, and more abundant (on so many levels) lives. To live full of love, fulfillment, wellness, prosperity, magic and connection.

This is your time! If you are feeling stuck in your body, career, or your life, now is the time to take an inspirational and magical journey with me toward your ultimate lifestyle choices and goals. Gain clarity on what you are truly desiring, and take immediate action to make your changes. Let’s dive in together…time to step up! Allow your body, mind, and spirit,  to move with ease, and your dreams to become clear and achievable.

However you dance through life, it is my desire to support you on your path by providing tools for you to live and love in a way that encompasses your body, mind, and spirit–with celebration, wellness, feminine beauty and grace. And make everyday magic!

What all is possible?

Ready to step fuller into what can be for you?

Change your words, change your story, change your life!

Take a deep dive with me into your heart and body! I am offering you a free 20-minute phone consult, my Magic Mojo Discovery Session, with me and get your questions answered! I believe in living with everyday magic, the world is waiting for your amazing beauty and your powerful beingness…

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Ultimately, living fully is about feeling glorious in your skin, as you manifest your inner and outer beauty. You live to your full creative potential, you feel like a successful badass, and you begin to feel the glory and power of fulfilling your life dreams while creating your business, relationships, and life with ease, confidence, abundance and always, celebration.

With my creative and magical tools of transformational coaching, your journey combines the power of clarity with words, movement, and your creative feminine essence.

Thoughts become words become things.

Movement, Momentum, and Magic Transformations

Join me to get your M.A.P, your Magic Action Plan, started and get out of being stuck in your body and your life!

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“Paulette is making such a difference in the lives of her following and clients. Fortunate to have experienced first hand her awesomeness and to witness the transformation and trust she has created with her participants.

Tracy McRavey, Certified Business Coach

Dance & Desire

Picture this:

YOU ::  living full on and feeling freakin’ fabulous, gaining clarity and leaping big into your desires — in your body, in your soul, in your mind, in your business…

Dance and Desire:… is a virtual or in person experience for you…we move —  From the Body to the Page– in these coaching sessions, workshops series, mastermind group coaching sessions, and DIY online courses, plus yearly global retreats, with me!

This is YOUR time now, for you — to be nourished, to move your body ( yes, work it out and dance too!) to dream big, to take concrete action to cherish yourself. Step into it your desires,now!

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

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