Hello beautiful Friday goddesses (and gods)!

Are you treating yourself with honor today? Ready for a weekend of delight? Creativity? Adventure? Breathing?

I am, ready to celebrate friends birthdays, my own creative time of writing and movement, basking in the rising of my clients taking their visions to reality, my dancers becoming certified teachers in my methods, honoring my own downtime too, while adding new rituals of self-care into my schedule, and really excited about changing up some offering for you, sunshine.

And what a week it has been. How about you, lovey? What has gone right for you this week? What do you want more of? 

I’m so excited to keep on building and rebuilding my website, my words of offering to you! And I have a new gift for you. If you have not had the opportunity to attend any of my past free masterclasses, I have bundled a few of my favs for you, either as a gift for joining my email community, or as a gift for already being in the fabulous virtual circle of love, creativity, healing, movement, and connection!

**Here is my gift for you to get you started on a new journey, three of my favorite classes for you to download, to help you move forward with intention, so have a watch and listen to, and dive into your desires.

  1. Your Desires… Masterclass… click here for Ideas to take action and Manifest Your Dreams!
  2. From the Body to the Page Masterclass, click here and join me for this fun 1 1/2 hour workshop with journaling, questions, tools, inspirations, all to help you build a new and exciting habit of journaling every day, coming back to your words! This will help you with feeling a sense of renewal not only in your brain but your body.
  3. And lastly, Your M.A.P.- Making your Magic Action Plan, click here, and get some tips on how and why to prioritize, get inspired to take action on those things to move you forward

It is my desire to support you on your path by providing tools for you to live and love in a way that encompasses your body, mind, and spirit–

with celebration, wellness, feminine beauty, and grace. To be a possibilitarian…

Curious if this is for you? Are you ready to commit to yourself and take action?

Book that free call with me now and see it working with me as your coach is what’s next for you? Schedule that right here…https://paulettecoaching.as.me/schedule.php


Please share me with anyone you know who would love this stuff 🙂 and join in the conversations…

thank you for being here, I love you…