Just a few years ago Allie, a dance student and a soon-to-be client, came to me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, broke, and not sure which direction to take her passions of teaching dance and healing work. She had a job she did not love, which took up lots of her time, and she really wanted to start her own business and step into her leadership role. It was especially challenging because she felt like she was going in circles, and then going backward, with no clarity on how to move forward and get out of that chaos. 

It was impacting her life, her desires, and her health too, causing her growing anxiety.

While she knew in her heart and soul what she wanted to do, and part of her felt hopeful. Another part of her felt like she would be stuck like that forever. 

She knew she needed clarity, tools, and support to make action plans. And it was time to invest in herself.

After months of working with me as her coach, Allie had a huge shift, becoming super clear on what she really wanted to do. Taking time for inner connections, daily self-care action, and real concrete actionable steps to move forward, she has been able to release the old stories that were holding her back, and build her career, and her life, the way she wants them to be. She has opened her own dance studio, started her new healing practice, built on her dance teacher career, and continues to gather new clients. 

And now Allie’s life is strikingly different. She is healthier, happier, has more freedom, has new clients and new classes. She is making more money and gets to call her own shots, with continuous growth in her life and biz.  Building that dream business into a reality has been such a gift for me to watch.


Here is a testimonial from Allie!

I have worked with Paulette for many years through one-on-one coaching and the past 2 years being part of her Mastermind Women’s Circle.  Working with her has been amazing as she has helped me remove past stories and then how to move forward and go after my dreams and desires. I have grown so much since working with her not only as a dancer but as an entrepreneur. Paulette has a wealth of knowledge and knows her stuff. She truly wants her clients to succeed and it shows in how she shows up for not only her but her clients as well.  Since working with her I have achieved so many things that I thought would be impossible! She makes things easy and gives you a different perspective on how to look at things differently and know your worth. I highly recommend working with her. She really helps you get your mojo on!

Thank you Paulette for all your hard work, time, dedication, love, and passion.  It’s truly appreciated.  

Allie Joseph (https://www.facebook.com/allie.flynn.50)


Helping multi-passionate women, in mid-career, shift from the chaotic state of uncertainty to move forward into their desires and dreams to make them real, to help guide them to manifest what they are truly wanting, what is next for them is my passion and joy. It’s what I do, it’s what I have done for over 30 years! Because I love seeing my clients create their abundance creatively, as they want to show up and stand up in the world. Authentically with passion. 

Such a great story Allie, thank you for writing that and sharing with me! I am so proud…

And so grateful I get to do this work I love for a living!