PATIENCE, they say it is a virtue!

Patience is a thing I have never had much of! How about you? I’ve always been high energy, on the go, a million projects running, me running too, like the energizer bunny. Leo energy, triple fire, hot… 

This week I’m relearning how to walk slow. To slow down. Taking care of my mom, who broke her leg, is 96, and is moving reeaalllll slow, with her walker. Full time, 24/7 caregiving is a thing of patience. I stop myself, listen, and love. Walk slow, breathe deep, honor the crone, bring in kindness, and radical compassion. For her, and for myself.

These times are different, not just here in this household, but in the world, too, we are on full blast, want instant gratifications, get aggressive with others, quick to make decisions, haphazard frequencies all around us. Do you feel that? 

So lovey, it is time to slow down and take extra special care, for yourself, about what you want, who you are showing up as, what you are asking for. Take deliberate action. With purpose. Your desires are worth all of you. Hell yeah. Can you stop and listen?

This week I’ve been handing out love messages on my instagram page ( as I’ve been doing in the past!) because I love to give you some words of experience, inspirations to keep on going, to help you keep asking for what you are dreaming of, so you can participate fully in your life. Showing up is what I’m talking about. No lurking, no loitering, no sidelines anymore, my friend. No maybe’s, it’s either a No or a Hell Yeah! 

This can take patience. 

To really get quiet, listen in, and it can take practice. And guidance.

What are some of the tools for this? I’ve attached my Morning Clarity Ritual if you don’t already have this…
Click here for the link! And enjoy…

Meditate, Percolate, and Dance Break!

And commit to yourself. That’s my word for 2023. 


Living full on, to saying YES to my dreams and desires, to the things that make me happy. To pleasure, to adventure, to purpose, to my body, to wellness, to integrity, to my creativity, to my work, to passion. I commit to myself, first.

Take time, my friend, for yourself. Be patient with yourself, but dive in fully to all that you are, all that you desire, all changes you want to make. Be kind, but commit to yourself. It is time. Dream on and take action. Deliberate action. Movement creates momentum makes magic!

Have a blessed weekend…and I hope to see you soon…


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