Another fabulous special Heart and Hustle episode with Cinzia DiCioccio

Heart and Hustle– another special edition!
I interview Master Teacher and Leader, from Italy,
Cinzia DiCioccio!

I just love to interview, hear, and share these stories. We not only talk about our Gathering event coming up, but we talk about our aging bodies of being a dancer. How we have to change up our workout and style and dance and even be more loving and self-caring of our bodies!

We are always evolving bodies, and how our energy changes too. What a beautiful vision too, to honor all the phases of our feminine womanhood, maiden, mother, to crone…

plus the opportunities that have come to all of us to gather together, online, the global tribes, many of you have met each other, some of you have wanted to meet each other, or had the chance to study with someone different. Lots of new ideas, some tried and true steps, carrying on the legacy of Global Caravan ( at one time, Gypsy Caravan) and watching the beautiful evolution of creative integrity!

I just love to see what all of my certified Master Teachers are bringing to the dance, and how they have evolved as their own tribe leaders, business owners, women entrepreneurs!

One collective soul and many bodies!

Watch our conversation here

The Gathering is coming up and we are all working hard behind the scenes to make this happen, first time for us to format and do this together online!
Nov. 9-13th, 2022!!!
Very exciting!!

So register now

Go here!

Have a look and listen and let me know your comments and questions…

Register for the Gathering here!

See you soon, lovey… and many blessings…


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