Embracing Change and Finding Clarity in Midlife-

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Hello beautiful, and happy Funday to you…I have some questions for YOU!

As I’ve pondered, reflected, and worked with so many women in the throws of mid-life questioning, this topic is worthy of lots of conversations. And that ‘s just what I want to have. I’m curious about what you are wanting, needing, desiring, as you step into this next phase of your life…

What exactly is mid-life? It sure is different than it was many moons ago! I feel it is about ages mid-40’s up into the 70’s. What about you? Life is so different now, and as we approach these years, we are not DONE!  There is so much more to see, to do, to learn about, to give back to the world, as we continue to live with compassion and purpose and also still working, as in NOT retired!

But we do change, and we want changes…right?

These are the main questions I talk with my women clients and friends about and I want to bring these to the forefront. There is no reason to feel alone at the gorgeous stage in your life, this could be a whole new beginning for you, if you desire to continue on living with passion and curiosity! Not DONE Living!

1. Wouldn’t it feel great to find more time for yourself and release those stuck and frustrated feelings?

2.  How empowering would it be to feel not so tired, in all parts of you, spiritually, emotionally, and physically?

3.  How joyful would it feel to find new things that were fun for you now, at this phase of your life?

4. Ohhh, wouldn’t it feel great to have some time for yourself, your self-care and feeling not so frumpy but, tuned up and toned up in your body?

5. How awesome would it feel for you to have that heart-felt connection stepping into your new desires and feel more connected with yourself?

These are just a few questions I get and how I help guide women to make those changes and release old stories as well as listen in deeper to their heart and soul. Thngs change!

. So let’s talk about these things. We are going to start this Sunday, but I plan on having a once a week discussion in our private group page, and I ask you to show up and participate and ask for what you desire!

We’ll even have some hot seat coaching in those weekly sessions, when I get to find out what you are going through and give you some quick powerful coaching advice!
We are building community here too, with like-minded creative women who have a voice and want to be heard and share and support each other.

Nothing like it!



I’ll be LIVE In our private women’s FB group page,
Dance with Desire!

This Sunday, June 30th, 8:00 am, EST!