Happy Monday, 

It’s time we all live lit up, living the life we desire,
stepping into our feminine divinity!
To step up, show up,
rewrite our story the way we want it to be now,
and own our abundance,
to participate in our own well-being…

Don’t you agree it is time?
And I want to connect with you.

I made a short video for you to watch..
connect with me!
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If you are ready to make some changes, book that free strategy call so we can get you in alignment with your desires and make your Magic Action Plan!
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Finding Your New Voice!
I would love to talk with you and see what you are wanting, needing, in your life, now, in this time of change! You can schedule with me a phone chat ( it’s free!) because I’m curious about what you are feeling and if I can be of guidance for you… you can click here and schedule that phone chat with me…

You are also invited to come on over to my private women’s FB page, Dance with Desire,  
Healing, discussion, inspiration! Join me…


How many of you journal?  Daily? Weekly? Once in a while? It is a powerful and important action for us to get clarity on what is happening in our life. What we are dreaming about? What we want to let go of?

I love to lead you with journaling prompts.  ( Join our class this Saturday morning!) Take a moment when you can and get out your journal and write down

  • what it is you are wanting to create, or change,
  • then write down, why you want it,
  • then write down what do you need and want to do to get it…

Thoughts become words become things!!!

Rewriting your story is a powerful and empowering journey. By embracing change, cultivating a growth mindset, and taking deliberate action, you can create a life that is authentic to you now, as you age and change, fulfilling, and aligned with your true purpose.


I am looking forward to sharing transformational events and inspirations,  and to have you in circle with us is magic and powerful, plus divine!!

Bringing creative divas together and creating positive and exciting transformations for you,
See you soon,
with gratitude,


Writing from the Body to the Page
Make Magic with Your Words
No Risk, No Magic, it’s time to write!
Saturday, March 16th, 2024
Next session, on Zoom, 9:30-11:30 am PST

In our intimate circle of writers, online, together with inquisitive and creative prompts, we write, we often read aloud to share, we experiment with different styles of writing and journaling, some rambling, some poetic verse, storytelling and character-building, mystical and magical imagery, and deep dives into our own lives.
Letting our muse take us to that special place of expression, creating magic with our words.
With writing time to really sink into yourself and your words…delicious…new beginnings… you, and me, and us, and our sacred circle of creatives…
We step into your deeper Wildness with journaling prompts, poetic phrases, oracle pulls, envisioning and meditations, energy shifts, and using that beautiful inner breath of inquiry.
We let words be your medicine as you sink into your own rhythm of writing, your ritual of being, your magic-making manifestations…
Let’s write together…and become the cultivator, the creator, of your life as you move forward, while you write and dance with your desires!
$17 for one two-hour class, by drop-in, pre-registration is necessary
Join us now! I am delighted to write with you, and help you step into more of your creativity and truth and fun with your words!
All you need is your journal, your favorite writing utensils, something to sip on, and a private space to immerse yourself into your words for 2 hours. With pleasure and passion…
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