Happy Monday beautiful one…

How are you starting off your week? What do you do to set up the week, set YOU up for success when you start your week?

Mapping out the week, making your magic action plan, is a MUST…. bringing your planning, more awareness, and loving what you are about to do to keep you going, to keep your business blossoming, your creative juices flowing.

How much journaling do you do? Daily? Weekly? Never?

How would you like to dive in deeper to your words, your thoughts,  your desires? Take some YOU time, an hour every Tuesday, 3:00 pm, PST, on Zoom and join our circle of women who are writing, journaling, and stepping into their creative spark?

From the Body to the Page… think about all that “stuff” in your head, coming out and making magic on the page?

We do this weekly, ongoing, and I want to offer you your first class with us FREE!

It’s only $27 a month for this great class, but I want you to experience it and see how you enjoy it.

So… for you… your first class, FREE! Can you join us tomorrow? 

If so, just reply back to this email, or PM me and I’m delighted to send you the link! Get your journals ready…



It’s YOU time, Yes, You Girl! This daily journey has been ongoing now for a month, with inspirations and actions and questions for you to take every day for your self care and awareness path! Enjoy and share…

And this week is about taking care of that body, inside and out!

Join us in my private women’s group on FB, and get your every day moving forward with your beautiful energy while feeling better and better! More connection with yourself, finding more words to ask for and describe what you want, stepping into more self-love time, and participating in your own well-being!

Join us here…



I am still offering some free From Chaos to Creativity consults, a 30-minute session with me to see if working with me will help guide you into your desires. You are important, and it’s time for you to move forward with clear intentions, actionable steps, and fulfill your desires. Click this link to schedule us together!

Tell me a little about you, my friend… let’s show up together! Click for that consult, I can’t wait to meet you!


Please share me with anyone you know who would love this stuff 🙂 and join in the conversations…

thank you for being here, always remember, I love you…