Happy New Year … with Gratitude!

What to do today?

Take several moments and reflect on gratitude, the year past, what you have, where you are…so good, my friend!

Taking extra time today to reflect, continuously and always, and my life, my loves, my lessons, and how I live each day.

  • I am grateful for the loves in my life, through humans and animals and things that I have loved and have loved me, guided me, shown me art and beauty and companionship and creativity and a way of living that has my heart and soul and body connected with divine inspiration
  • I am grateful for my man, who I get to share so many adventures with, continuing on daily, and reflecting back on all that we have had together.
  • So much love…
  • I am grateful for the years I had with my Gracie dog, ( and all my furkids), my constant companion who I miss every day and lost this year. I remember all I have lost over the years and am thankful for the time and love I have had with them
  • I am grateful for my Rosie dog who brings me intense and immense joy every day, especially in the mornings when she gets so excited for each new day, that I can’t help but get excited along with her, and start my day with joy and beautiful laughing energy
  • I am grateful for my family, of parents, and brothers and sisters who are always an inspiration, pillars of strength and patience, unconditional love and acceptance, and the joy of being together
  • I am grateful for my people. My tribes in all walks of life, from dance, art, business, friends, family, travel, the different communities I share my life with, those I work with, those I dance beside, those I guide, those I hustle along beside, those I soak away the hours with, those I laugh and drink and eat with, those that inspire me-my gods and heroes, and those who create along with me.
  • I am grateful for the opportunities that unfold for me, through intuitive feminine guidance, as I create and write my own path and story, taking dips and curves and flying high and sinking low, to laugh and cry and pull my hair out, and remember non-judgment, my theme for the year
  • For those presented to me on my path are my mirrors, my lessons, my angels and guardians, mentors, seekers, guides, that serve me changes on a platter of possibilities
  • I am grateful for all the possibilities I have had this past year, the deep dives and the short hikes through the known and the unknown, the newness, the breathtaking views of the life I have known, and the life I am to meet up with on my continuing quest for awesome, for audacity, color, focus, determination, connection, community, clarity and purpose.
  • As I take a deep breath for strength and forgiveness and continue on with my own vision and purpose with divine power and creativity as I forge my own journey of exploration, abundance, adventure, and freedom, to continue on this amazing path of leadership and guidance and for the incredibly affirming and empowering choice of being a catalyst of feminine soul and heart movement and celebration.

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Your Desires:

Ideas for Manifesting Your Dreams in the New Year

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Your Desires:

Ideas for Manifesting Your Dreams in the New Year! Wednesday, January 12th, 1:00 pm on Zoom, 

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thank you for being here, I love you…