Happy Solstice my friend,
a bit of poetry for you, contemplating the darkness and the light,
how we head into the dark, the fear, the path, the illumination…
enjoy, and may this next evolution be one of beauty, light, and the sparkle of life!
2 solstice poems for you!
The sun is a wheel that changes the seasons
Illuminating all that I am
Through thickness and thin spiraling,
Bringing me out of the dark after that deep journey within
I know it is always there, waiting for me
As I wait for it, often impatiently
I quest for it, for its continuous glance
The warmth of its knowing
With my curiosity of shifting from season to season
Renewing my faith, I sit perched, like a cat
Statuesquely holding for that inner depth to be revealed
But only I, with or without the ball of fire
Am the one to light me up, only me
Stones aligned to illuminate the house of the dead
Placed, just so, sparkling and shimmering changes
As the sun shifts in the sky, leading the way,
As the light calls forth
I follow, knowing I”m traveling deep
Darkness begins to prevail, victorious in its heralding call
Transformation looms in that fear of the unknown
I perspire within that inky damp coolness
Heart palpitating with anxious participation
I step forward, being beckoned to ride the rails
I know that I can crack through the dead
As they lift me up toward the wheel of light
Turning the chill into a blanket of warmth
Coddling me indulgently, safely, assuredly
I effuse with the heat
Fear subsiding and then dispersing
The stones light up
I am now the one illuminated, from within
As if the pores of my skin each had their own glitter
Of assorted gradation with the sparkle of being alive
Blessings to you…