Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,

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Today’s guest :
Jenna Smith,
singer, coach, and author, Episode #142

Happy Monday boo!
How was your weekend? Full of delight I hope…

Let’s start out this week with this wonderfully inspired conversation with Jenna Smith, a multi-passionate woman, healer, personal trainer, coach, singer.

Who does only one thing as an entrepreneur these days? Some, yes, pick one niche, but I beg to differ!  I am surrounded by lots of creatives who dip into many things, being multi-curious! And sometimes all those things all come full circle to work together and make your own niche!

Lots of degrees, amounts of personal study and healing modalities…that’s what Jenna brings together.

So fun…

“Be a creator, not a reactor.” Jenna says… we don’t want to react, we want to act. We want to be the creator of our own life and surrender to our dreams, especially as a woman.

This is so juicy, and I’d love to know what you think, as we talk and weave the conversation around all Jenna’s passions

Here you go!
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More about Jenna:

Creator of the Re-Sourcing MethodTM  Jenna Smith provides a tangible framework for people to access their untapped resources in order to live a life of purpose, deep confidence and self-trust.

AnchorAn in-demand speaker, professional singer, coach, and author. Jenna is known as the “real deal” to get you past trying and fixing,  to fully living as your ideal self — permanently.


AnchorBecause she aligns people back to their nature: As confident, worthy, creative, successful beings.

AnchorCutting through half-baked Woo-Woo and Ra-Ra self-development, Jenna provides concrete easy-to-learn tools for tangible results that last a lifetime.

AnchorJenna Smith trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Ontological Coaching, Peak Performance, Oneness, as well as Shamanism and Intuitive healing from Peru, India, Africa, Ireland and North America.


IG: @adventuresinjennaland



(wellbeing-checklist and heart breathing)

Learn Jenna’s top 2 tools she uses for her 1-on-1 clients to help them transform their BEing from have-to’s and holding everything together to being held up and infinitely guided and supported.

We transform our lives by first transforming our relationship to ourselves.

The heart breathing exercise is a powerful tool to gain access to your ability to process emotions and use them as energy as well as connect to our intuition and inner resources.

The WellBeing Checklist allows us to deepen our relationship with ourselves in order to maintain a high, divine vibration not from force but from love.

ok chickies… I am so glad to share these interviews, informal chats with you. I just LOVE people’s stories, what they bring to the world to make it a more loving and magical place, and to share them with you!

Have a fabulous week ahead my friend, enjoy this and live full on!

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