Heart and Hustle:

Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,

with Paulette Rees-Denis
and guest Jennifer Spor,
Akashic Records Intuitive, #186

I am excited to share this interview conversation with you today, lovey !

JUST WOW, we are talking about the library for your soul!

The Akashic Records, specific to each of us, and our soul’s experiences! We talk about releasing resistance, oh yes, this is a big deal in creating the life we are here to live! And I’m always so curious as to how people get on their true path, and follow their desires.

Talking about trauma response, and during her childhood, how she shut down to survive. Then how she grew from retail into rediscovering who she was becoming, what was next, and how meditation has changed her self and her path,opening her up to hidden gems about herself!

Very powerful chat… and of course we talk about Time Management! My favorite thing to help with myself and also my clients too!

Becoming a Master Creator… Law of Attraction… Divine Creatorship…creating your reality from within, I’m all about this talk… you are gonna LOVE this conversation… Bring it on Jennifer!

Watch on YouTube, here

and if you just want to listen while you are out cruising, SoundCloud is the way to go, here

What do you think about our conversation? Love to hear how this may have moved some things in you!

More about Jennifer:
Jennifer Spor is the CEO and Founder of her namesake company and Host of Path of the Awakened Heart podcast. She is a Spiritual Advisor, Channel, and Akashic Records Trauma Informed Master Consultant and Teacher for High Achieving Conscious Women Leaders. Jennifer guides women who are here to live unapologetically expressed in their Truth and fulfill their highest destiny in this life, SOUL LED.

Despite checking all the boxes off the list of what 3D society teaches it means to achieve success Jennifer was unfulfilled in her corporate retail career and life. She felt the call to make a bigger difference in the world. It was her own dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening that served as the catalyst to align her with her purpose. It became Jennifer’s mission to support others through her sacred work, and she continues to empower women to learn how to make a positive difference in their lives and how to hone their own gifts.

Working with Jennifer is highly activating and deeply transformational. Her guidance as a spiritual advisor and clear channel in the Akashic Records, combined with her experience as an entrepreneur and corporate operations executive, as well as the wisdom she embodies from the lessons learned on her own journey supports her clients to learn how to collapse space and time to create results so powerful it feels like years of work accomplished in a few sessions.

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And her GIFT to you from Jennifer!
a meditation, activation, a journey… download and enjoy!
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