Heart and Hustle:
Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
with your host and lifestyle coach,
Paulette Rees-Denis
with today’s guest, Maria DeRosa,
a cook and coach for healing!

Happy Friday,

What fun I had talking with this fabulous passionate woman, Maria DeRosa! We talk all the things, food and cooking, healing, coaching, life changes, mid career changes, and more healing through food!

No wonder I totally fell in love with her when I first met her at a business woman’s dinner! Because if you have followed me at all, you know I am always posting on FB and Insta about my vegan meals as I whip them up in my kitchen!

Then Maria asked me to cater a large party of 60  or so folks, and we had a blast…Ladies of the Kitchen rules…

Now we get to talk about all these things about how food can heal, how cooking together is empowering, and honoring ourselves with how we nourish our bodies and hearts and  souls…
Enjoy our interview chat today, and let me know your takeaways…

Here you go, on YouTube…


Also you can listen in on
SoundCloud/ITunes while you are on the run!

More about Maria!
Meet Maria DeRosa, a woman in her 2nd chapter of life who lives up to this motto with a culinary punch.
In 2012 life arrived with a heavy punch when Maria woke up on a Christmas day and her 60th birthday, feeling completely lost. Within 2 years, she had lost her dad, her marriage and her restaurant business of 28 years.

It was in that moment of loss she commited to re-inventing herself and seeking a mission to help others having gone through a loss or trauma. Maria realized that her skills as a former high school Spanish teacher of 11 years & over 2 -1/2 decades as a restaurant owner were gifts she could not toss aside. She also realized how much she loved to cook and bake. Healthy Happy Hours in her home evolved to a faith based VISION, today know as Ladies of the Kitchen.

Her work centers on discovering joy in the kitchen and building a community around food and comradery. Maria leads webinars, Masterclasses both on line & in person to build this community. Having been through personal financial & emotional loss, she carries a mission to dissipate such pain for others using all 5 senses to prepare healthy meals.  It’s a form of therapy that offers women strength, hope and wisdom.

Currently a full-time resident of Rancho Mirage with her partner, Warren Schneider, she discovered pickleball in 2018. During the pandemic she worked with residents in pushing for additional courts at the RMC Park.  She has donated regularly to Ophelia Project, volunteered with the READ with Me Program in the Coachella Valley and most recently held an OPEN HOUSE FUNDRAISER to help the children of families suffering from addiction at the Hazelden Betty Ford Center.

Her adventure in Rancho Mirage can be followed on
or her Youtube channel :Desert Life with Maria


And on top of all of that, she raises money for the Betty Ford foundation! Serving the people in so many beautiful ways…

Blessings to you, my friend, and enjoy your weekend too!



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